We finally know the release date of the Harry Potter series, but it's not for yet

Warner Bros.

We finally know the release date of the Harry Potter series, but it's not for yet

Warner Bros. has announced the release date for its Harry Potter series. Unfortunately for fans of the magical universe, you will have to be very patient before discovering it on the screens;

This is information that Potterheads have been impatiently awaiting: the release date of the next Harry Potter series, scheduled for the American streaming platform Max. If an entertainment conglomerate Warner Bros. Discovery has announced a release window this Friday, February 23, which will have something to dampen the enthusiasm of fans: it will be in 2026 that the adventures of the young wizard with the scar will be adapted into a series.

So for now, this Harry Potter series is in preparation. We do not yet know which actors will play Harry, Ron and Hermione, but also the Hogwarts faculty or the rest of the students. What seems certain is that the cast of the film saga should not make a return.

Indeed, the Harry Potter series is neither a sequel nor a spin-off, but a total adaptation of the seven books written by J.K. Rowling. Each season will adapt one of the novels, for a planned total of seven seasons and an as-yet-unknown number of episodes. The production should therefore choose young actors aged 11, certainly unknown to the public, who will be able to grow on screen from season to season, like the characters in the literary franchise.

The Harry Potter series will be broadcast exclusively on the Max streaming platform. Currently, this platform is not available in France. It should arrive in French countries during the year 2024, on a date which is not yet known. For the moment, HBO and Max content is accessible to French subscribers on the Prime Video platform with the Warner pass.