Too many health problems? A big absentee for the Enfoirés 2024 concert

He's been one of the faces of the Enfoirés troupe for years.

Too many health problems? A big absentee for the Enfoirés 2024 concert

He's been one of the faces of the Enfoirés troupe for years. This star, however, had to throw in the towel for the 2024 show, for “personal reasons” after a heavy hospitalization.

The announcement of the absence of this small screen star from the Enfoirés 2024 concerts, filmed last January in Bordeaux, caused a wave of shock among fans and members of the troupe. An emblematic figure since 1994, his presence will undeniably be missed at the 35th edition of this charity show for the benefit of Restos du Cœur, broadcast this Friday on TF1. The reason for this absence, mentioned as a "personal impediment" by Anne Marcassus, the producer of the show, seems closely linked to his recent health problems, in particular post-operative motor difficulties.

Mimi Mathy will not be like every year in the middle of the troupe who will sing on the first channel this evening. The actress, who underwent no less than four back operations at the end of 2023 for herniated discs and enlargement of the spinal canal, faces considerable health challenges. These interventions were made necessary by the ponytail syndrome, caused by "its somewhat original configuration", as she explained to TVMag last December, with humor always on point. Understand achondroplasia which is closely linked to the dwarfism from which she suffers.

In her recent interview with the magazine, Mimie Mathy, on the other hand, denied the rumors that she was unable to walk since this major intervention. The actress, who has played Joséphine guardian angel since 1997 on TF1, said she was doing "as best as possible", despite occasional use of a wheelchair. “I had my back cut open four times,” she explained, adding that she will not do “the New York marathon.” No more than the Enfoirés show, then.

In the show En Apparté also broadcast at the end of last year on Canal, Mimie Mathy also spoke about another major absentee from the troupe: Florent Pagny, who was hospitalized at the same time to treat his cancer. The opportunity for the two actors to discuss their respective misfortunes by text message. “With Florent, we always said to ourselves that we were ‘warriors’. He is lucky to be super surrounded by Azucena (his wife – Editor’s note),” assured the actress. "Florent loves what he does, he's happy, he has a balanced life outside of work, he's a fighter. He understood that he had to stop smoking too much bullshit, even if it was a bit late. He will come out of this without any problem!”, she also assured.

Like that of Florent Pagny, the absence of Mimie Mathy on the stage of Enfoirés 2024 was in any case keenly felt within the troupe at the time of recordings in January. Personalities like Patrick Bruel and Nolwenn Leroy expressed in the media their sadness and their hope to see her return next year, emphasizing the positive energy and the “good vibes” that the godmother of the band sends to the group. Last year, the show raised 14 million euros, a sum that will have to be exceeded given the explosion of meal distribution in France and the delicate situation of Restos du Coeur.