Stéphane Plaza accused of domestic violence: the host will be tried for two cases

Stéphane Plaza will be tried for domestic violence after complaints from two former partners.

Stéphane Plaza accused of domestic violence: the host will be tried for two cases

Stéphane Plaza will be tried for domestic violence after complaints from two former partners. The host denied the facts during the 48 hours he was in police custody and denounces a plot against him.

He will be tried by the Paris Criminal Court at the end of the summer for domestic violence. Stéphane Plaza spent 48 hours in police custody before the Paris prosecutor's office decided to send him to court this Thursday, March 14, 2024. Until the trial, the M6 ​​host should be placed under judicial supervision at the request of the prosecutor's office. The M6 ​​star is accused by three former companions, two of whom have filed a complaint, of physical and psychological violence committed during their relationships. These are the two cases for which the accusers filed complaints that will be tried in trials. Stéphane Plaza will be more precisely judged for "habitual violence by a partner leading to incapacity for work for more than 8 days".

While in police custody, Stéphane Plaza was confronted by the two complainants. The first evokes a romantic relationship between 2018 and 2022 and accuses the real estate agent of having broken his finger and dislocated two others. She also reports a time when the host allegedly pressed her against a wall while squeezing her throat. The second complainant said she had been bitten twice outside of any intimate context and had suffered moral harassment. The host is presumed innocent in this procedure

Stéphane Plaza has always denied the accusations since their publication in the newspaper Médiapart last September and remained faithful to his defense line during police custody. He would have defended himself by raising the hypothesis of accidental injuries. Denying the acts of violence with which he is accused, he maintains his version according to which the two women joined forces against him to damage his reputation. He would have rejected and deceived both of them and according to him, they would seek revenge. According to a source close to the case, cited by Le Parisien, Stéphane Plaza is currently in “denial” and “victimization”.

Stéphane Plaza is accused by three former partners of acts of violence in a Mediapart article published Thursday, September 21. They say they suffered “verbal and psychological violence (humiliation, denigration, threats)” from the real estate agent and two of them describe “physical attacks.” They further claimed to the investigative newspaper that they had maintained a relationship with the host without knowing that he was seeing other people, accusing him of "exerting manipulation, pressure and mistreatment" to "make several relationships coexist serious at the same time.

Stéphane Plaza would have refused to respond to requests from Mediapart on these various matters. The host's lawyer, Me Hélène Plumet, denounced "totally extrapolated, even false allegations" and "fanciful accusations". She also announced that Stéphane Plaza had filed a complaint against them last June for harassment and cyberharassment.

Among the testimonies revealed by Mediapart against the fifty-year-old host and real estate agent, one of his ex-partners, who allegedly provided written testimony to a bailiff in May 2022, accuses him of having “returned with violence” several fingers during a fit of fury. “Three of my fingers were hanging off, they quickly turned purple and swollen,” she assures. She also claims to have been “punched in the shoulder”. Another of his former partners, who would have filed a handrail in September 2022, claims that he would have inflicted “bites” on her. Threats are also mentioned in this Mediapart article.

Stéphane Plaza's lawyer assures Mediapart that these testimonies come from "three women he dated and who, finally rejected, joined forces against him to harm him by all means". His lawyer also tells Mediapart that a complaint for harassment and cyberstalking was filed against one of the accusers in June 2023: "The facts are sufficiently serious for Mr. Plaza to fear for his life, as he indicated to the district Attorney". A prosecution was also reportedly filed against one of the accusers in October 2021.

In a press release, Stéphane Plaza's counsel denounced "defamatory and insulting accusations". “Mediapart acted as relay for three women who undermine the dignity” of Stéphane Plaza, “thus making themselves complicit in the public denigration against the latter, while they are the subject of a criminal complaint that he filed [against them] for harassment and cyberharassment,” we can still read.

The M6 ​​group, for its part, reacted to the information late in the evening, Thursday September 21. On X (formerly Twitter), he indicated that he had an interview with Stéphane Plaza after the information appeared in the press. Saying that it was "particularly attached to the values ​​of respect for people and guarantor of its code of ethics and professional conduct", the M6 ​​group announced that it was taking "note of Stéphane Plaza's formal challenge to the facts with which he is accused and of the legal challenges that 'he committed'.