Inès Reg against Natasha St-Pier: two more clashes after DALS

The end of the season of Dancing with the Stars did not put an end to the quarrel between Inès Reg and Natasha St-Pier, who continued the fight behind the scenes.

Inès Reg against Natasha St-Pier: two more clashes after DALS

The end of the season of Dancing with the Stars did not put an end to the quarrel between Inès Reg and Natasha St-Pier, who continued the fight behind the scenes...

The storm is still brewing between Inès Reg and Natasha St-Pier, despite the end of the season of Dancing with the Stars and the victory of the Canadian singer against the comedian in the final, Friday evening, on TF1. While the last bonus of the DALS season was particularly tense, with Inès Reg visibly angry after her elimination, a trying finish for Natasha St-Pier and especially her regular dancer Antony Colette, and even a strange cut at the end live, the skirmishes continued behind the scenes.

After some provocations on social networks during the weekend - "Thank you for the roses and the thorns" posted Inès Reg on her Instagram account - a new confrontation took place this Monday evening, via interposed broadcast. Inès Reg was the guest of Yann Bathès in "Quotidien" on TMC and Natasha St-Pier at the same time on C8, in the show "Touche pas à mon poste" by her great rival Cyril Hanouna.

During her speech, Inès Reg spoke with emotion, mentioning her disappointment after losing the trophy, despite the 13 years of participation of her dance partner Christophe Licata. She underlined with a touch of irony that the public can sometimes be unfair, especially when its preferences turn, like Friday, to Natasha St-Pier, whom she “liked” before, she took care to point out. and using the past tense.

The comedian once again accused Natasha St-Pier of having insulted her during the famous altercation at the start of the season and suggested that the objective was to launch a controversy to influence the votes. "Give us these videos! (...) You would save my life if you did that", asked the comedian to Yann Barthès, referring to the sequence which would have been filmed on January 31, behind the scenes, in the middle of an altercation . Inès Reg also maintained that racial prejudices could be at play in the reaction of Natasha St-Pier, who filed a handrail, feeling threatened.

In response, on C8, Natasha St-Pier repeated that it was an unfortunate joke that had triggered the aggressive response from Inès Reg that day. Claiming to have apologized, the singer denied any death threat coming from the comedian, but maintained that she felt in danger. “There were no specific death threats from Inès Reg, there were very threatening words, she was speaking and her entourage was around [...]. We cannot insult and be threatening in that way,” she stressed, rejecting the idea that racism could be used as a tool of manipulation. “I don’t want to suffer the wrath of fanatics who believe lies,” she added.

Refusing to give in to the constant questions of Cyril Hanouna who reported Inès Reg's remarks live among the competition, in particular the accusations of a set-up, Natasha St-Pier just replied: "I can only imagine that I can imagine her reactions for me, things would never have gone further than just: I don't want to talk to you anymore.

This Tuesday, Natasha St-Pier said a little more in an interview with Le Parisien, where she expressed her disbelief in the face of Inès Reg's accusations, saying that she could not anticipate the comedian's reactions. She defended herself again for having engineered everything to create a buzz. “That would mean that I know how to predict his reactions, and no one can predict anyone's reactions,” says the singer.

Concerning the resumption of the latent war between the two DALS candidates, the winner of the 2024 edition is saddened. “I'm reaching a point where I no longer know what to say, or how to analyze all of this. I'm not in Inès Reg's head, I don't know what she feels, nor what she thinks. I hear what she says and I stay silent,” she said. "I can't stop Inès Reg from talking about me. What can I do? Nothing. I'm not her, nor her producer, nor her media advisors. It's part of the job. When you're known, unfortunately, you can become someone's Turkish face. It's never pleasant. I'm not going to say that I want it, nor that it doesn't affect me. ways to prevent it,” she concludes.