This romantic film with Lindsay Lohan will melt Netflix subscribers

Netflix is ​​releasing a new romantic film this week.

This romantic film with Lindsay Lohan will melt Netflix subscribers

Netflix is ​​releasing a new romantic film this week. By inviting to the casting a star of the genre, long kept away from the sets, the platform promises to seduce subscribers.

Netflix has decided to take advantage of St. Patrick's Day to offer a new romance set in Ireland. This week, the streaming platform is releasing a romantic film online which marks the return of an American star of the genre after Christmas is timely in 2022: Lindsay Lohan.

In Irish Wish, the 27-year-old actress revealed in A Us Four and Freaky Friday plays a bridesmaid who finds herself at the wedding of the love of her life, in Ireland. Desperate, she vows to also find the love of her life. She then finds herself plunged into an alternative reality where she discovers that it is she who is now engaged to the one of her heart, and no longer her best friend. But as she meets another man in Ireland, she wonders if she really made the right wish.

In the casting therefore, Lindsay Lohan returns to the romantic comedy by playing the main role. To play the two men who capsize her, we find Edward Speleers, revealed in Eragon, Downton Abbey and more recently in You, and Alexander Vlahos, actor who played in Versailles and Sanditon. Jane Seymour (Doctor Quinn) completes the cast.

After suffering from alcohol addiction and problems with the law, Lindsay Lohan has definitely been trying to make a comeback since 2018. After a few small roles and appearances in reality TV programs, she is definitely returning to the genre of the romantic comedy with the end-of-year romance Christmas comes at the right time on Netflix, in 2022. Irish Wish confirms this return to basics awaited by its fans, after complicated years for the American star.

At the same time, the actress made a short surprise appearance in the musical comedy adaptation Mean Girls, in 2024. She also announced that she would return in the sequel to the cult film Freaky Friday, alongside Jamie Lee Curtis, in March 2024. The release date is not yet known.

If you're a fan of romantic comedies, or you can't resist the charm of Lindsay Lohan, head to Netflix from March 15, 2024, the date the film Irish Wish is put online on the subscription streaming platform.