Patrick Bruel: who are his sons, Oscar and Léon?


Patrick Bruel: who are his sons, Oscar and Léon?

PATRICK BRUEL. Singer Patrick Bruel, in the spotlight this Tuesday on W9 with a concert and a documentary, is the father of two children.

Patrick Bruel in the spotlight on W9. This Tuesday, March 21, the channel is broadcasting a concert, followed by a documentary on the singer, who is celebrating his forty-year career and, soon, his return to the stage with a tour scheduled for 2024. The opportunity to look into the busy life of the 63-year-old artist and his loved ones, including his two sons, Oscar and Léon, born of the union of Patrick Bruel and Amanda Sthers. The first, born in 2003, is "in his third year of medicine at university", confided the singer to Gala magazine in November 2022. The second, born in 2005, "is in his final year", he adds to the same source.

The two sons of Patrick Bruel live between Los Angeles, in the United States, where their mother remained, and France. "I didn't raise them remotely! When the question of going to the United States came up, it was a collective decision, I spent a lot of time there and I still spend a lot of time there", assures Patrick Bruel at Gala. The latter also baptized his Vaucluse estate Léos, a contraction of their first names.

Very close to his two sons, Patrick Bruel posts a few pictures of them on social networks. "If I met you today, I would dream of being your friend", he wrote in particular on Instagram to celebrate the majority of his eldest, in August 2021.

This Tuesday, March 21, 2023, W9 is honoring singer Patrick Bruel with an evening divided into two parts: Tonight...Together, from 9:05 p.m., then Patrick Bruel: at the heart of the tour, in the second part of the program, at 11:20 p.m. If the first document, which retraces the career of the singer and his greatest hits included in an event concert at La Défense Arena in 2019, has already been broadcast, the second part of the evening, unpublished, takes the viewer behind the scenes of his 2019 tour.

Since his debut, Patrick Bruel has made the headlines of the celebrity press with his private life and his romantic conquests. In 2004, the singer first married French writer Amanda Sthers, whom he had met three years earlier in Saint-Tropez. Together, they have two sons: Oscar, born in 2003 and Léon, born in 2005. The couple broke up in 2007.

Two years later, Patrick Bruel presents his new companion, a Danish model, Caroline Nieslen. The singer is also known to have had a relationship with model and presenter Céline Bosquet. Since 2019, Patrick Bruel would be in a relationship with a young woman named Clémence, 35 years her junior.