Mountain lawyer rescues wakes up from the snow storm of complains first of all - now everything is different

That have not experienced the mountain rescuers in the Tyrol, too. After the rescue of two German snow-Shoe hikers a lawyer flapped write to you from Augsburg t

Mountain lawyer rescues wakes up from the snow storm of complains first of all - now everything is different

That have not experienced the mountain rescuers in the Tyrol, too. After the rescue of two German snow-Shoe hikers a lawyer flapped write to you from Augsburg to the house. Now the twist follows.

Update from 10. May: The action of two German against the bill for the mountain rescue Tannheim in Tirol, caused a lot of fuss. Now has changed a lot in the curious case of the situation.

How to reported, has been settled, the lawyer, was one of the Rescued, the outstanding invoice in the amount of 2261 Euro now. The mountain rescue Tirol have confirmed. The reason he did not want to pay initially and now but, sounds more like an excuse.

Rescued tourists threatened mountain rescue service with the complaint and draw back

For him not to have been the composition of the cost first. In the statement these were to have been shown first of all in a lump sum. After the explanation of the costs for which he was grateful, had done the thing with the payment of the invoice for him, so the lawyer. The volunteer activities of mountain rescuers to him and his colleagues to be well aware of.

Hermann Spiegl, country head of the mountain rescue Tirol am. The case had far beyond the borders of Austria caused quite a stir, especially in Germany. The country people had donated to the two formerly action willing even money for the mountain rescue because you would be ashamed for the behavior of the two Rescued.

In the Bavarian Aschaffenburg, meanwhile, targeted a school because they moved a Feast because of the Muslim fasting month of Ramadan.

initial message: Rescued tourists mountain rescue threaten with a lawsuit from an incredible base

Augsburg/Tirol - "I have exactly zero understanding of," says Hermann Spiegl, country head of mountain rescue in the Tyrol. By that he means the content of a letter, which fluttered to the mountain-setters recently. But after the series.

in The early evening of the 3. February at 18.30 o the control center Tyrol alarmed the mountain rescue Tannheim because of an Emergency. Two snow-Shoe hikers from Germany were at noon, broken up from Schattwald to a Tour on the grass mountain beautiful bald and had lost their way in thick driving snow.

emergency Tyrolean mountain rescuers reached the break in three of the squads on

"We learned from the two on the phone that they were completely exhausted, strong, wet, and deep freeze, they knew back," said Reinhold Bilgeri, local head of the Bergettung Tannheim in Tirol, to the

+ of snow on the mountains in Tirol.©picture alliance/dpa / Pitztaler gletscherbahn

Due to the deep-winter weather conditions prevailed at the avalanche warning level 3 significant risk in the area where the Germans lost. The management decided to browse the extensive and numerous ditches crisscrossed the area with three squads, each with five men, to the hikers track. The application was started on "Zuspitzblick".

the coordinates of The Lost ones were the rescuers, although it is known, however, the search by the Germans was made more difficult because they respected the request to remain at the old place, miss. The miss also use head Bilgeri fell.

in Spite of disregard of the statement: mountain rescue stray German

"That was not at all understandable, because you were completely disoriented, soaked, exhausted, and had only the flashlight of the mobile phone as a light source," he said to the The mentioned lamp would not want to turn off the Walker, although the battery performance of the phones had only amounted to 35 per cent.

around 21 o'clock, the mountain rescuers have reached the Germans, furnished them with dry clothing, provided them with drinks, and brought them to the view of the Zugspitze. Up to here everything sounds like a normal, successful rescue operation. However, the rescuers had made, the statement - in the truest sense of the word, without the two Rescued.

Rescued hiker sees bill and threatens to mountain rescuers with action

As one of the lost hikers, the invoice for the use reached, 2.261 EUR fraud, he reported, by a lawyer writing for the mountain rescuers. This was the second German who was rescued at the beginning of February - he comes from Augsburg and is a lawyer.

The egregious accusation in the Letter was The bill too high; two mountain rescuers with a lamp would be sufficient for use. To let mountain rescue-country Manager Hermann Spiegl not.

mountain rescuers: "I have exactly zero understanding"

"Someone who is in an Alpine emergency, not for you to decide as the rescue organization invests in their use,“ found the mountain rescuers clear words. "I have no Problem with reckless people who realize their mistake and for the use of stand up straight", Spiegl.

"But only to save the cost on such an unsympathetic way to refuse, I have exactly zero understanding of." Of a thanks to the two Rescued the speech is by the way at any point.

mountain rescue Ruhpolding jumps colleague

A similar opinion has also the mountain rescue service from Ruhpolding, which agrees with the Austrian colleagues. "Which of you sued us after the rescue?" the rescuers on Facebook and refer to the case of the Tannheim mountain rescuers.

In Switzerland, four ski-goers came in an avalanche and killed. A German ski tour-goers, was in the ski resort of Saas Fee, on the go, could be rescued after a fall into a crevasse, however, alive. He but succumbed later to his injuries.

Date Of Update: 12 May 2019, 00:01