Even socialists and ecologists no longer like Anne Hidalgo

According to a survey, Parisians generally have a bad opinion of Anne Hidalgo.

Even socialists and ecologists no longer like Anne Hidalgo

According to a survey, Parisians generally have a bad opinion of Anne Hidalgo. Even left-wing voters are harsh with the mayor of the capital.

The 2026 municipal elections promise to be complicated for Anne Hidalgo. An Ipsos poll carried out for La Tribune, published this Sunday March 24, gives Rachida Dati in the lead with 38% of voting intentions. She would outdistance Yannick Jadot with 18% and Anne Hidalgo with only 14%. The poll also shows that Rachida Dati maintains the support of the Republicans despite her entry into the Attal government.

Two years before the elections, the polls on voting intentions should be taken with caution, but the observation is very hard for Anne Hidalgo. One of the lessons of this Ipsos study is the perception that Parisians have of the political figures who should be candidates in 2026. Only 26% of Parisians have a "good opinion" of Anne Hidalgo, they are 68% to have a bad image of it. And even people who say they are sympathizers with LFI, EELV or the PS have more of a “bad opinion” of her than a “good” one. In detail, 24% of LFI supporters, 45% of EELV supporters and 43% of PS supporters have a "good opinion of the councilor", respectively 75%, 47% and 47% have a "bad opinion". opinion".

Note an Ifop-Fiducial survey for Le Figaro carried out in 2023 on the municipal climate in Paris three years before the election focused on the satisfaction of Parisians. Only 32% were satisfied while in 2015, Anne Haildago obtained 53%. Among the conquered, 50% come from the left, 31% are Renaissance sympathizers and 27% prefer the right. Conversely, those who are dissatisfied (68%) are mainly from the right but this also includes half of left-wing supporters.

Residents' satisfaction with living in Paris has also fallen in recent years: it has gone from 88% to 77%. 59% even believe that the capital is developing “rather badly” and for 40%, the municipality is doing a “mediocre” job. The Olympic Games which are coming in a few months could be decisive for Anne Hidalgo. Parisians, in fact, revealed that they were quite pessimistic regarding traffic and transport in the capital (75%) or the cost and financing of the Olympics (77%).

Some even already have ideas about the personalities who could replace the mayor of Paris. It is Rachida Dati, current Minister of Culture, who is in first place with 45% of those questioned who believe that "yes" she could make a good mayor of Paris. Next comes Prime Minister Gabriel Attal (40% yes) and environmentalist senator Yannick Jadot (34% yes). Rachida Dati mainly obtains the support of right-wing supporters (80%) while Gabriel Attal is rather the choice of Renaissance (75%) and Yannick Jadot of the left (52%).