Eurovision 2024: the free video playlist to discover all the candidates and their songs

That's it ! The 37 candidates participating in Eurovision 2024 are known and the 37 videos of their songs have been revealed.

Eurovision 2024: the free video playlist to discover all the candidates and their songs

That's it ! The 37 candidates participating in Eurovision 2024 are known and the 37 videos of their songs have been revealed.

Eurovision 2024 is already in the Starking Blocks! While the title chosen by Israel was definitively adopted a few days ago, after a series of controversies, the 37 candidates for the major European song competition are now known and were all presented this weekend, launching the countdown to the final phase of Eurovision, set for early May.

Eurovision fans can already listen to and dissect the 37 songs of the 2024 program, from the most sober to the most baroque, thanks to a video playlist now accessible for free on the official YouTube account of the competition. And to see the videos of each candidate of this Eurovision song contest, this 68th edition once again promises shows as diverse as they are surprising...

Eurovision 2024 will take place in Malmö, Sweden, following the resounding victory of Swede Loreen last year. This is no surprise, since this is the third time the city has hosted the event. On the microphone and on mondovision, comedian Petra Mede and actress Malin Åkerman will host the ceremony live. On France Télévisions, Stéphane Bern and Laurence Boccolini should once again provide the presentation.

Among the competitors of this Eurovision, France obviously hopes to shine with Slimane and his title "Mon amour", or in any case to do better than the Quebecois La Zarra, 16th last year, Alvan

Croatia, with Marko Purišić alias "Baby Lasagna" and his rock song "Rim Tim Tagi Dim", has already established itself as the favorite of the bookmakers on March 18, less than two months before the final, with 17 % chance of victory. The Ukrainian duo Alyona Alyona and Jerry Heil as well as the Italian Angelina Mango are not far behind (13 and 10% respectively).

France, directly qualified for the Eurovision final, hopes to improve its performance compared to last year thanks to Slimane, who is currently in the top 10 favorites (with only a 3% chance of victory however). Here are all the predictions compiled in real time according to the odds of around fifteen bookmakers:

For Eurovision 2024, the French delegation therefore chose to focus on an artist who has already sold two million albums and won 5 NRJ Music Awards. It is in fact Slimane who was chosen to represent the tricolor flag in Malmö on May 11. “It is an obvious choice, but it is also a choice of an artist of generosity, of authenticity which corresponds perfectly to what Eurovision expects”, justified the head of the French delegation, Alexandra Redde-Amiel. He will perform the song “Mon amour”, written especially for the competition.

Since its creation in 1956, France has won the Eurovision contest five times: in 1958, 1960, 1962, 1969 and 1977. Our country is therefore placed just behind Ireland, which holds the record with seven victories. In 1958, it was the singer André Claveau who won France's first victory with the title "Dors, mon amour". Two years later, in 1960, the artist Jacqueline Boyer achieved unanimous acclaim with the song “Tom Pillibi”.

In 1962, Isabelle Aubret won Eurovision with the song “Un premier amour”. Then, in 1969, Frida Boccara won the Eurovision contest with the song “Un jour, un enfant”. Finally, in 1977, the singer Marie Myriam was the latest to win by performing "The Bird and the Child", a title that has become cult over time for the public.

The Eurovision 2024 semi-finals have been set for May 7-9. They will be an opportunity for 31 participating countries to compete for the ten places available for the grand final. The members of the “Big Five”, in other words the 5 largest financial contributor countries to Eurovision, are automatically qualified. These 5 countries are Germany, Spain, France, Italy and the United Kingdom. They will be joined by Sweden, host of the event and therefore also automatically qualified.

The date of the Eurovision grand final has been scheduled for Saturday May 11, 2024. This crucial stage will reveal the big winner at the end of a (very) long evening. As every year for several editions already, the winning country of Eurovision will be determined by the votes of the professional juries combined with the votes of viewers.

As is the tradition of Eurovision, after the big show, the spokespersons of the participating broadcasters will in fact announce the professional votes for each nation, according to the logic of "twelve points" (from 1 to 12 points awarded according to their preferences). The presenters will then announce the added viewer votes, again in ascending order.

The winner of Eurovision last year, Loreen, won over the national jurors but also the public with her title "Tattoo", a strange musical UFO between big pop artillery and electro ballad, with a melody which was reminiscent of Abba's finest hours.

She had obtained a total of 583 points, giving Sweden its seventh victory. More unusual: Loreen's victory was also her second Eurovision victory, having already been crowned in 2012. On the podium, she was followed by Finland (526 points) and Israel (362 points).