Rammstein-Video celebrated a spectacular Premiere - Now the complete Clip is online

With the first Video of the "Germany" of the new album had taken care of Rammstein already a lot of fuzz, now the new Song was premiered in a spectacular.

Rammstein-Video celebrated a spectacular Premiere - Now the complete Clip is online

With the first Video of the "Germany" of the new album had taken care of Rammstein already a lot of fuzz, now the new Song was premiered in a spectacular.

Update from 26. April 2019: Just three weeks prior to the publication of the new album the rock band Rammstein has released the Video for the new Single "Radio" is now officially. The Clip is in Black-and-White and focuses on the role of the title reception device that made it possible for the members of the Band as a citizen of the GDR to escape the everyday. The Rocker point to the limited life and the difficult acquisition of information, dense: "We were not allowed to belong to it / Nothing to see, talk or listen to Each songs was banned / dangerous strange notes". The entire presentation of the Song and the Clip is also a tribute to the electro-pop Band Kraftwerk, understand.

Rammstein: New Single "Radio" celebrates its Premiere on the wall of the building

Update from 25. April 2019 : The musicians of Rammstein have presented with a more spectacular action, the second Song of their new album. On a Berlin street crossing the world for their brutal rock celebrated Band dropped the Video for "Radio" on a house wall in Berlin in mid-stream and the Song of time from the rbb radio station radio one broadcast. Around 1000 Fans came to the intersection, the police secured according to rbb-Reporter Henrik Barth everything. After the nearly five-minute action, the Fans were celebrating the Song.

With the Video pays tribute to Rammstein with footage in Black-and-White a of other globally successful German Band: video clips and parts of the music can also be used as a tribute to "radio activity" by Kraftwerk from 1975 seen. The Text of the surprisingly poppy Rammstein song describes memories of a time when late night radio was an act of freedom. The Rammstein-members are socialized in the GDR.

+ Many people watch the Video for the Sing "Radio" by the Band Rammstein at the corner of Torstraße/Prenzlauer Allee.©dpa / Christoph Soeder

With the first Video of the "Germany" of the new album had taken care of Rammstein at the end of March for a lot of vertebrae. Mainly because of the Trailer, there was persistent criticism. A good 30 seconds, four of the Band are in it-to see the musicians, with their clothes on concentration camp prisoners.

Rammstein Video, with the concentration camp scenes: a Lot of interest in the network and a fierce reproach

Update from 28. March, 19.49 at: Krass, krasser, Rammstein: The Video for Rammstein's new Single, "Germany" cracking. The Hollywood-Blockbuster fashion, produced a nine-minute Clip fascinated, or shocked – a matter of opinion – with the for Rammstein typical martial imagery of sweat, blood, tears, shouting, quite a lot of fire and dramatic explosions.

But also violent scenes ubiquitous: singer Till Lindemann (trademark: kajalierte eyes) is equal to the beginning of the Streetfighter, the zusammenboxt with whipped rings on the hands of his living, takes on the role of a Stasi functionary – or should be-even Honecker and practicing the sacrament in a dark cloak with gluttony, an abundance of meat lined the table. Between them is a colored Amazon comes up again and again, played by Ruby Commey, the Styling immediately reminds you of Lady Gaga or Nicki Minaj, think. Heavy gold chains, bright red lips and metal-Slip-to-XL-cartridge belt and German shepherd dogs. Also of the clergy, medieval Crusades, gangs, crime, and the books combustion in the Second world war and Cyber-utopias to be staged.

The most polarizing scenes are likely to be those in which the six band members are as a Jewish concentration camp inmates in striped convict clothing on the gallows. The star of David and the swastika appear again and again. As Nazi officers, the murders, and a few seconds later, even in the gun barrel must look, and finally of the Jews to be executed. A reversal of the German victim-offender-subject and thus, presumably, a distancing Rammstein's of far-right ideology.

The whole Melange, which touches on key points of German history, ending in a kind of Apocalypse. Over all this sounds Lindemann's raspy voice: "Germany, my heart in flames, want to love you and condemn". Only an hour after its YouTube Premiere, Germany had calls already about 450,000. The over 2,500 drained comments on Instagram read and, judging from a first Quick-Check, the majority of positive. Many Users outdo each other with superlatives of "bombastic" to "gigantic". the Charlotte Knobloch , Ex-President of the Central Council of Jews, which looks completely different: "With this Video, the Band has exceeded a limit. Like Rammstein needs the suffering and murder of millions to entertainment purposes, is frivolous and disgusting“.

Update from 28. March 2019, 14.08 PM: The release of around 35 seconds long Clips made in advance for the turmoil. What will be in the new music video of the Band Rammstein, it is still not clear. At 18 it will be uploaded on the official YouTube Account of the Band.

Rammstein: Band shocking Video to the Single in the concentration camp Look "Form of necrophilia"

Munich - The Band Rammstein provoked known. The musicians around singer, Till Lindemann does not come as a shock to the music world for years with their lyrics, their Videos are undisputed. However, with her latest Clip Rammstein seems to be gone too far, to see at least many, historians and politicians.

Rammstein: Video Clip in a concentration camp-prisoner-Style

On Tuesday, the Band released a 35-second Clip, which would probably make advertising for the new Single "Germany". Rammstein titled the Video with the Latin numerals the date "28.03.2019". Probably a nod to the release date of the actual music video to "Germany".

In the Clip you can see the four musicians, as they are in striped concentration camp Uniform on the gallows. Slowly the camera on the faces of the men, with a noose around her neck to the front of the rigid drives. Of Till Lindemann's trickles of blood, one of the other temple, bears a Jewish star. At the end of the Single title of "Germany" in Gothic similar font.

Over 730,000 times the Video was clicked already on YouTube, on Facebook, it saw up to now, even 1.4 million Users (as of 27. March). The reactions are quite divided. While the hard core of the Rammstein Fans increases the Clip with posts like "My anticipation with goose bumps into the Immeasurable" or "I'm so happy, I can't take it", others can't share the enthusiasm.

Rammstein shocks with KZ - look at this post on Instagram

A post shared from Rammstein (@Rammstein official) on Mar 26, 2019 at 12:00 am PDT

1998 Rammstein have arranged according to the image with the Video "Stripped" sensation. The images from the propaganda film "Olympia" by Leni Riefenstahl are to see. Singer Till Lindemann replied to the question of whether he would allow a movie once in an Interview: "no, because I'm tired to hear that we are a right Band. That was the point where I said to myself: Since we have crossed a line.“ At the request of the newspaper and wanted to speak to the latest Video, none of the band members.

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Date Of Update: 15 May 2019, 12:01