Five Bands want the Newcomerto the title and rock the press house

In the case of the "Long night of music" will fight on Saturday five Bands to the "Newcomer"title. Different styles of formations that are in the press hous

Five Bands want the Newcomerto the title and rock the press house

In the case of the "Long night of music" will fight on Saturday five Bands to the "Newcomer"title. Different styles of formations that are in the press house of the Münchner Merkur and tz on the stage could not be.

Munich - The die is cast: The list of newcomers at the 4. May be able to present at the Long night of music on the stage of the Old Rotation in the publisher of Münchner Merkur and tz. The Bands, "Rising Spirit", "Micart", "MasaN", "Chris Mayer & The Rockets", and "D!aspora“ will show what you can. The range of music ranges from HipHop to hard rock, from Singer-Songwriter Genre that Roll up to the Rock’n’. During the Long night, the winner will be awarded the ribbon and then the "Newcomer 2019".

+ Melodic hard rock with modern structures: The quintet "Rising Spirit".©Private

Hardrock Formation "Rising Spirit" are melodies in the foreground. The song basically has a catchy character. The quintet was founded in 2018 with the aim of classic Rock to reconcile with the modern structures. That was already on the debut album of the Band. The five musicians make use of style elements of Heavy Metal, as well as those from the pop sector. Of genre boundaries, it will not stop.

+ dedicated to the Rock'n'Roll: The three musicians of the "Micart".©Private

The good old Rock'n'Roll "prescribed Micart". The Power-Trio in the classic cast with guitar, Bass and drums playing a cover of pieces of Elvis Presley, Status Quo, right up to Mark Knopfler and Dire Straits, but also his own compositions. The Songs from their debut album are already listening to the Radio and a Tour is in the planning stage.

the Formation of The "MasaN" has achieved a lot. The Band won the competition in "hard rock rising" in the South of Germany, on the other MasaN were in the finals at the Bands for the Festival, Rockavaria. Were ennobled, the musicians, in addition, from a colleague: Drummer Ali Khan gave a Live performance to get carried away, to jump for MasaN in the breach: "I am rarely stunned, but this evening I knew I had experienced something very rare," said Khan.

+ Made it to the finals of the band contest at the Festival "Roackavaria": The Band "MasaN".©Private

you have a classic band name that could have come from the Fifties: "Chris Mayer & The Rockets" take their Inspiration rather from colleagues such as John Mayer, "The Fray" and "Coldplay". With style elements from Progressive Rock and Indie, but also sounds from the Singer-Songwriter area, the Quartet has developed its own style between Pop and Blues. Previously, Chris Mayer solo was on the road and made it to the Radio and to the preliminary program of the U.S.-songwriter Nataly Drawn.

the much-cited "Bling Bling" – gold chains and expensive cars – "D!aspora“ not at all. The hip-hop band presents rather meaningful Rap in several languages, the texts deal with the adversity on earth. The Multicultural project with four rappers and four instrumentalists has not mastered both old-school hip-hop as well as more modern alignments, but is limited.

After the Newcomer award ceremony, the main band of the Evening occurs. This year, it is the Formation of "Tribez". The Band is known by their own series of concerts under the title "Loop Sessions" and through collaborations with artists such as "Megaloh", "Afrob and Samy Deluxe". In addition, developed Tribez is a very special Cover of the program, which will introduce you in the Old Rotation. To be in the game the Tribez-friends Alex Prince and Roger Rekless.

Old rotary press house, Paul-Heyse-Str. 2-4 inlet 19 at program 20 to about 1 PM

The Long night of the music

At more than 100 venues throughout the city on Saturday, may 4. May, once again, music to the dolls. With the so-called Combi-ticket for 18 euros you can visit all the concerts of the "Long night of music" and, in addition, the Shuttle buses, which connect the sites to each other. Four bus tours there are (centre, South-West, Schwabing, Ost), all starting at Odeonsplatz and drive between 20 and 3 o'clock in Ten minutes. Tickets you can buy also at the Odeonsplatz as well as in every Club, Museum, or Café that has the action part – so also in the Old Rotation of the publishing house of the Münchner Merkur and tz at the Paul-Heyse-Straße 2-4. It starts around 20 PM. For more information, including to all the participating Bands and venues, can be found in the Internet.

Antonio Seidemann

Date Of Update: 10 May 2019, 00:02