Doris Day - the Diva next door

at some point you had your Image. But Doris Day the harmless platinum was not blonde. An obituary for the Hollywood icon. Carmel - A Fan is ringing at the e

Doris Day - the Diva next door

at some point you had your Image. But Doris Day the harmless platinum was not blonde. An obituary for the Hollywood icon.

Carmel - A Fan is ringing at the entrance of a Villa. Doris Day is to live here. And in fact, Day itself logs on to the intercom, most of the time nice and explains very charming, which is why you could, unfortunately, not at the door – you now live private. From. As I said: incredibly charming. And unmistakably.

Captured this scene in the documentary "What a Difference a Day makes" values from the year 2010. At the beginning of the Seventies had chosen the Day to return to the entertainment industry the back. And so disciplined, as she had previously filmed their movies, so disciplined, she went up to her death to the Public out of the way. A mystery, kind of unreal.

But the Doris Day, 1922, was born as Doris Kappelhoff, already as an actress. Perfectly patent, whipped dressing, finished. A woman of steadfast kindness that always does the Right thing – so Day in the Fifties and sixties celebrated in Film triumphs classics such as "picnic in pajamas" (1957), or "A touch of mink" (1962). And even in a Thriller by Alfred Hitchcock as "The man who knew too much" (1956), it was only very briefly out of the socket, in order to regulate the matter. To save In this case: her kidnapped son. Suitable way with the Singing of the evergreen "Que será será". Everything else would not have fit-to-Day, and it was a stroke of genius, Hitchcock made use of.

actress didn't want to be

Doris Day convinced in this grotesque scene, like lying on the dedication with which she throws herself into the song. Singing anyway is your true passion, the actress did not want to they are actually. Already as a Teenager, she toured with big bands – with a long mane, and soon the first Hits. At the time, gave her the stage name "Day", the German Kappelhoff sale is not promoting – after all, the US still fighting in the Second world war.

Days crystal-clear and energetic vocals catapulted her to the top, she works quickly with the greats of the industry. And in 1947, receives the offer to go to Hollywood. Not unusually, the dream factory is always looking for appealing Stars, and a good looking blonde with radio hits can be marketed. This is calculus. Day is quickly booked for airy comedies, at Warner Brothers, the Studio that has taken you under contract, you find that the fit to you and your music.

The films, the songs from the films are Hits, it works. In the next 20 years, Doris Day is one of the most successful film stars of the time – and without your intention to be the epitome of moralistic acid conservatism. The films in which it's almost always about rooms from unsorted romances sensible family relationships, promote this picture. But the actress is not happy about the fact that you are such a one-dimensional true: in a sense, as a female without abdomen. A nice Person, but kind of harmless. Groucho Marx misleads the legendary pun, he says he knew Doris Day before she became a virgin.

your Image has to do with your actual character little

So harmless, after all, is not Day. To get already at the beginning of her career, the at the time with another woman married to film producer Martin Melcher, who is now in the shops and for many of their films with. And because the productions make for an attractive blonde with a cemented short hairstyle, and problem-solving skills excellent sales, it varies again and again to this theme, preferably with the handsome Rock Hudson, who exudes no real danger. That Hudson is not interested in private for women, you will notice Day by his own admission never.

she realizes how much she is trapped in this Image, the has not to do with your private a lot to. Nevertheless, she accepts it. The success of the Day does not want to threaten – and in the film selection, you trusted your husband. In fact, she rejects many of the interesting roles, the most famous of the cancellation is to play the infamous Mrs. Robinson, the twists in "The graduate" a young Dustin Hoffman in the head. It would have been a Coup – and probably a relief for Doris Day. But the idea, to embody a more Mature woman who seduces a student, you don't like her.

Day, the film business has already a little tired and feel that your time comes to an end. In the sixties, a young film-maker storm the old Studio system, bare skin salon is capable of, to Overcome outdated notions. A clean woman like Doris Day doesn't fit into the picture. As her husband, in 1968, dies, she decides to get out. Almost mid 40's and after a good three dozen movies.

Sudden Disappearance from the movie business

Rather reluctantly, she still leads by a television show that had her late husband without her Knowledge for you. The contract is a contract and you want to be not said of you, your duties. In 1973, celebration evening is but final. Doris Day disappears. Very rarely do they appear, for example, if you are giving awards, or when it comes to animal protection. But the Day the Public is denied. Without any attitude, she just wants to be left alone. Well, in their hometown of Carmel, California, spotted, and then waving to be friendly.

your birthday calls of the local station, Doris Day takes the phone and thanks for the congratulations. But otherwise, she lives her life in Secret. As far as we can judge without resentment or bitterness. You missed the spotlight, maybe because they never wanted to be a movie star. The career is to her, and she would have wondered, if you had awarded it in 1960 for "pillow talk" is actually the Oscar when she was nominated for. She never complains, Whining finds you anyway, "pathetic". Now, Doris Day, the icon of a sunken cinema epoch has died, at the age of 97.

By Zoran Gojic

Date Of Update: 14 May 2019, 12:01