Yes to containers as part of the Kita-stopgap

town of Miesbach shall, on the Waitzinger Wiese, four containers, in order to respond to the lack of places in childcare. The operation is to take the diakonia.

Yes to containers as part of the Kita-stopgap

town of Miesbach shall, on the Waitzinger Wiese, four containers, in order to respond to the lack of places in childcare. The operation is to take the diakonia.

the parents moved the issue of childcare, revealed on Thursday evening to have a look in the session hall of the Miesbach town hall: The audience area in the city Council was full with mothers, fathers and small children. The Signal was clear: The young families want a solution.

Because there is a lack of according to the waiting list for the upcoming kindergarten year in the circle city childcare places in all areas: 35 in the manger, 39 in Kindergarten, 13 in groups of 20 in the Hort – a total of 107, including the Catholic kindergartens. Experience has shown that, as mayor Ingrid Pongratz (CSU), said the reported demand reduces, however, the city must act.

the Container as the fastest Alternative

A forest kindergarten group in the city forest, to examine Alternative, the Waitzinger Bräu could place the urban Montessori Kindergarten could be extended, according to Pongratz. But the Central solution to four new containers were on the Waitzinger Wiese, which would replace the previous refugee containers – two for Kindergarten, two for the hoard. If you now give the green light to be the Container until November/December.

An "interim solution" (Pongratz), which is not very cheap. 400 000 up to 450 000 euros rental price fall over three years, less a small subsidy from the government. Money, not the city, but needs to spend. Pongratz spoke for this solution: "It is a step in the right direction."

Vice-mayor sees the cause for the Dilemma when the town Council

The Paul Fertl (SPD) agreed, but did not want to rubber-stamp the mayor without looking at the causes of the misery. "The problem does not occur all of a sudden," he said. "All of a sudden, something stirred." He had presented as a representative for the mid-2017 ill mayor in the monastery area plans for a new cultivation, with groups of four to the crib. Cost: 1.4 million, and the district office would have approved, says Fertl. But then the majority in the city Council have opted for "the worse", the children's house in the monastery. Here, the cultivation in September would have been ready for operation.

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contradict CSU parliamentary group spokesman Franz Mayer said: "The cultivation would never be ready by then, because we would need to advertise in Europe.“ With luck, it would be the middle of/the end of 2020, if not at the beginning of 2021.

Jooß sees no Surprise in the case of need for numbers

Inge Jooß (SPD) defended the need for nursery places: "Without these young families don't work." And it can be both working for an apartment and a "normal life would have to way". In addition, the women were well trained. That the need was not recognized, can not Jooß understand: "We have applications and waiting lists for the crib – which, however, continue to hoard. The people not to listen to the Work, when the children come in the school.“

Seemüller: "the free state of the Situation"

But with the containers, the Problem is not solved – it was clear to all. There are also Personal needs, it is hard to find. "And housing for employees, the city has not, unfortunately", noted Fertl smugly. The management was confident to find the fall on the previous channels people. For Markus Seemüller (FWG) is made available to the personnel shortage the house of the government of the state: "Instead of the cost of freedom for parents to extend and create demand, it would have been better to use the money for better pay for the staff."

The city Council commissioned Pongratz, acting unanimously, to raise the Container to hold talks with the Diakonie as a carrier and to a second forest group, after the first was located in Parsberg. Fortunately, all were not yet. So it is a pity, according to Astrid guldner (Green), a part of the increased funding for the rebuilding of the monastery in a nursery now for the Container on it: "It is questionable how much we will save in the end."


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Date Of Update: 11 May 2019, 12:04