It's 25 degrees and the beaches are empty, this destination is a great spring plan

This is an ideal destination in spring.

It's 25 degrees and the beaches are empty, this destination is a great spring plan

This is an ideal destination in spring. Accessible and still preserved from tourism, it guarantees an exotic trip.

Imagine a place where the temperature hovers pleasantly around 25 degrees in spring, where fine sandy beaches stretch out beneath your feet and crystal clear water invites you to take a dip. All without hordes of tourists or demonstrations from locals overwhelmed by over-tourism... This place does exist and it is to be discovered in spring, before June at least to take advantage of the best climate of the year and attractive prices.

Cape Verde, with its warm and sunny temperatures almost all year round, is a good plan shared by many travel experts for several years. It combines the advantages, especially if you opt for the less touristy islands. The archipelago made up of 10 islands offers many possibilities but that of Santiago is one of the best recommendations. Despite its lack of direct connections from some European countries, the island of Santiago is worth a visit for those looking for a unique spring getaway.

Favorite in particular for the beach of Tarrafal, on the same island. Tarrafal is ideally located in a bay protected by mountains, which gives it a particular charm accentuated by its volcanic sand, unique in the archipelago. The beach is surrounded by shallow water, making this place perfectly suitable for families by allowing children to play in the water safely. Visitors are often captivated by the sight of fishing boats, whose bright colors contrast beautifully with the blue of the sea. Enough to make magnificent photos to take back from your trip.

Experts also suggest visiting this beach at sunset for a particularly memorable experience. The fishing village also guarantees a beautiful walk, with a lively atmosphere which has retained its authenticity despite real estate pressure. For those seeking tranquility, the lesser-known but equally splendid Praia Presidente is a recommended alternative.

Also located on the island of Santiago, this beach offers an equally picturesque setting for those wanting even more privacy and calm, far from the fervor of the capital, Praia. One last good plan? The entry tax to Cape Verde is obligatory but you can pay this small formality online 15 days before your departure. This will help you avoid the queue at the airport when you arrive. Enough to reach Tarrafal and its pretty bay as quickly as possible!