Big step back: Vettel's title plans almost failed

The Europe-prelude to the next setback for Sebastian Vettel. Fourth in the Ferrari-Star creates it is not even on the Podium. Led by Lewis Hamilton, Mercedes co

Big step back: Vettel's title plans almost failed

The Europe-prelude to the next setback for Sebastian Vettel. Fourth in the Ferrari-Star creates it is not even on the Podium. Led by Lewis Hamilton, Mercedes continues to expand its record-breaking series.

Barcelona - Sebastian Vettel was long gone again disappointed, as Spain-winner Lewis Hamilton brought the next ebullient Mercedes Party in full swing. With Daimler CEO Dieter Zetsche on the shoulders of the British formula 1-defending champion and team-mate Valtteri Bottas on Sunday in Barcelona celebrated race, the fifth double-success of the silver arrows in the fifth season. Ferrari Star Vettel would take the chance to loose Fourth behind the Red Bull driver Max did not fall once on the Podium, his title plans seem to have already failed.

"It was a big step, Mercedes way is quite far. We had thought that we are much faster. Unfortunately, we are not,“ said the 31-Year-old after the sobering first round in Europe which should actually bring for him, the world turning. However, Ferrari was even with a new engine-expansion stage, clearly too slow. In addition, the Scuderia engine with a muddled tactics, Vettel and his new team-mate Charles Leclerc in several unnecessary skirmishes. The sovereign of Monaco was Fifth at the end.

formula 1: Mercedes is currently unbeatable

Mercedes continued seconds, his record start and is currently unbeatable. "At the Moment, it has to look no sense to the world Cup. We need to think from race to race,“ said Vettel. 48 points adrift of Hesse, as the fourth Overall for Hamilton, who took his third victory of the Season, the championship lead from Bottas. With 112 points, the Brit is seven points in front of the Finns. Verse new, the third is fall, with 66 points.

"is written history," said Hamilton, the overwhelming Superiority of Mercedes. The silver arrow was not to drive at all times. "We can't do right always, but I'm glad that we were able to settle in the race, our differences," joked the 34-Year-old.

at the Start of the five-time world champion had forced the decision. He overtook Bottas, who came from the Pole Position due to clutch problems, and is slow in travel. "I lost it at the Start," admitted the 29-Year-old. In the first curve, it was between Hamilton, Bottas and Vettel very close. The two Mercedes remained at the front, Vettel had to violently brakes and fell back behind Verstappen.

formula 1 in Barcelona: Long, event poor Grand Prix

After a long event of poor Grand Prix took its course, probably the last was at the Circuit de Catalunya. Because the money is missing, could fall the distance from the calendar. Especially Mercedes, this is likely a bit of regret, the Team won in Catalonia, but five of the last six races. For Hamilton, it successively was already the third victory in Barcelona. "I have to thank this incredible Team," said the Champion.

Against the silver winning machine, find Ferrari, and Vettel is simply no antidote. With brake plates from the first curve of the German struggled through the early rounds and watched the three of them. "I had a lot of unbalance and vibrations," said Heppenheimer. "A shot in the oven" was this part of the race.

After a long battle Vettel was the faster Leclerc pass and came to the from him, required a tire change, took prompt twice as long as usual. The back on the left, it jammed. Shortly thereafter, the stop happened in the case of Leclerc's the same. From the title of the form, attesting to the Scuderia after the impressive winter testing in Barcelona, the team currently.

formula 1: the title-battle of the Mercedes drivers

a Safety Car period, brought out after a Crash of McLaren's drivers Lando Norris and Lance Stroll, Racing Point, the field at the end again together, not helped by the Mercedes-hunters. Shortly after the restart, Hamilton secured the fastest lap of the race and the associated additional point for the overall standings.

even before the sixth of the 21 rounds of the Season held in Monaco in two weeks everything looks like a title-battle between the two Mercedes drivers. "Because every point counts," said this time, losing Bottas.


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