Studapart: new era of tailor-made rental services for owners


Studapart: new era of tailor-made rental services for owners

PUBLISHED INFO. Studapart redefines real estate rental with tailor-made services for owners. Discover their simplified rental management and their new offers for April 2024.

In an increasingly regulated and demanding real estate context, landlords face a growing challenge: maximizing the profitability of their rental investments despite the accumulating legal and financial constraints. In 2023, even if rents saw an average increase of 3.2%, this increase was not enough to offset the impact of new charges and regulations on the profitability of owners. These challenges push them towards professionalization and a more entrepreneurial strategy to manage their assets.

The real estate sector is now marked by a series of constraints which are forcing landlords to rethink their approach. Among these obstacles, the application of reinforced energy standards presents itself as a major challenge, requiring significant investments to upgrade properties. These updates are crucial not only to comply with current legislation, but also to make properties more attractive on the rental market.

At the same time, rising property taxes and management costs further erode profit margins. Additionally, in some areas, restrictions on short-term rentals limit opportunities for additional income, which is traditionally attractive to owners. These restrictions aim to regulate the market, but have a direct impact on the flexibility of owners to maximize their income.

The challenge for landlords is therefore to adapt to a changing environment, where regulatory requirements and tenants' expectations are evolving rapidly. With this in mind, relying on partners capable of providing innovative services adapted to the contemporary challenges of the rental market becomes a winning strategy. This is where Studapart comes in, a Proptech start-up which has decided to further diversify its services in order to better respond to the new challenges of landlords. The goal: to help them in their rental management and maximize their profitability.

Studapart, founded in 2014, is an online accommodation booking platform that targets a wide range of users, including owners and tenants, individuals and businesses, students and workers, both French and international. The start-up stood out for its ability to facilitate flexible rentals, starting from one month, thus meeting the varied needs of the rental market. At the heart of its success, Studapart has developed a service aimed at equipping owners in finding their tenants and reducing the costs linked to rental management, while simplifying and securing the rental experience for everyone.

In 2023, Studapart has taken steps to strengthen its offering in response to the growing challenges faced by landlords. In partnership with Allianz, the start-up has introduced automatic and free coverage for owners, offering up to €1,500 of protection against property damage and €3,000 for real estate for any reservation made on the platform. This system is in addition to a guarantee against unpaid rent covering up to €96,000, deployed in 2018 and offered at no additional cost, marking a deep commitment to the security and simplification of rental management.

In April 2024, Studapart intends to go even further in its support for landlords. The company announced the introduction of additional services, operated by partners, to expand its existing offering. This development transforms Studapart from a simple reservation platform into a complete à la carte service, including boosting the visibility of real estate advertisements, carrying out professional photo shoots, energy performance diagnostics (DPE), as well as the delegation of visits and entry and exit inventory with Check

Studapart's commitment to innovation and responding to the changing needs of the real estate market is also reflected in its business model, which is based on success. The platform is financed by reservation fees paid by tenants, which allows it to offer its insurance and guarantees at no additional cost to owners. This approach aligns Studapart's interests with those of its users, ensuring that the startup only thrives when owners and tenants achieve their goals.

Today, Studapart continues to grow, serving more than 770,000 tenants through more than 180,000 available homes and working with more than 70,000 landlords. Its presence spans 45 cities in France, as well as Brussels, Barcelona, ​​and Madrid, attesting to its success and positive impact on the rental market. With a high satisfaction rating among users, Studapart positions itself not only as a leader in Proptech, but also as an indispensable partner for landlords and tenants looking to navigate the real estate landscape with confidence and ease.

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