Strike of the civil service, schools and nurses: what mobilization this March 19?

Eight unions are calling for a civil service, schools and nurses strike this Tuesday, March 19.

Strike of the civil service, schools and nurses: what mobilization this March 19?

Eight unions are calling for a civil service, schools and nurses strike this Tuesday, March 19. The increase in wages is at the heart of the demands of the mobilized sectors. The movement could be particularly followed by National Education.

If we talk a lot about teachers, teachers will not be the only ones to strike this Tuesday, March 19. In the public service, it is indeed the eight unions – CGT, FO, CFDT, CFE-CGC, FA, FSU, Solidaires and Unsa – which are calling for mobilization. But while around a hundred processions and other gatherings are announced across the country, at this stage it is still difficult to have a quantified idea of ​​the number of strikers expected this Tuesday. The disruptions, however, should be limited, Libération believes.

The same will be true in the health sector. The CGT, FO, CDFT, SUD and Unsa, the five main hospital public service unions, also invited their troops to the strike movement. “We refuse to endure another blank year without a salary increase or compensation for inflation,” the inter-union indicates in its press release. Here again, it is complicated for the moment to have a concrete idea of ​​the mobilization when, in the sector, the demonstrators are often those who do not work on D-day, in order to affect as little as possible services that are often already under tension. .

Finally, several teaching unions therefore called on the profession to demonstrate. According to Snes-FSU, more than 120 demonstrations are planned throughout France. The main one will be held in Paris from 2 p.m. from Place Edmond Rostand (RER Luxembourg). The SUD Éducation Paris union has already requested a renewal of the movement for the coming days. In Loire-Atlantique, the FSU, CGT, FO and CNT unions are calling for a strike on March 20, 21 and 22 "for more resources for public schools".

In a context of still sustained inflation, most unions are demanding salary increases. In National Education, there is also talk of more positions to “reduce the number of students per class, ensure replacements and provide specialized teaching when necessary”. As a reminder, the National Education budget will be reduced by 700 million euros as part of the government's 10 billion euro savings plan.

On the subject of remuneration, the FSU SNUipp, the leading union in nursery and elementary schools, is demanding an increase of 300 euros net monthly for all teachers. For its part, LE Snes-FSU requests an “immediate increase of 10% of the index point”. "It is urgent to open negotiations without delay", complain in a joint press release, FSI, Unsa Education, SGEN-CFDT, CGT Éduc'action and SUD Éducation.

That's not all. In National Education yet, another measure announced by the government does not leave the unions indifferent, it is the clash of knowledge mentioned by Prime Minister Gabriel Attal last December. The famous “level groups”, listed in the decree published in the Official Journal this Sunday, will be established “according to the needs of the students identified by the teachers”. An initiative that the unions are simply calling for to be abandoned. Sud Éducation regrets a reform of “social sorting and sanctions against students in difficulty” who should benefit from classes with reduced numbers. On February 1, 47% of secondary school teachers went on strike according to Sens-FSU, 20% according to the Ministry of Education.