Loto result (FDJ): the draw for Monday March 25, 2024 [ONLINE]


Loto result (FDJ): the draw for Monday March 25, 2024 [ONLINE]

LOTTO. The Loto draw on Monday March 25 offered 14 million euros. Fellow gamers, here are the results!

Loto week promises to be particularly full of emotions! Indeed, this Monday, March 25, 2024, 14 million euros were already at stake. When the time for the results came, it seems that no one bet on the winning combination and that the 14 million euros will be put back into play. game on Wednesday, during the next Loto drawing, with an additional million euros. The prize pool will therefore be 15 million euros. But the players shouldn't despair too much either. Not everyone lost from this Loto draw. Two grids were in fact checked with the correct five numbers, but not with the correct Chance number. Their owners thus leave with 81,976.30 euros. Here are all the results:

On Wednesday, 15 million euros will therefore be put back on the table. Notice to amateurs! And if you miss this new appointment, don't worry. In any case, on Saturday, Française des jeux has already announced that it will organize a special Easter draw! No chocolate eggs to win, but 10 million euros! Ten million euros which could, however, be revised upwards if no one wins Wednesday's draw...