Euromillions result (FDJ): the draw for Friday March 15, 2024 [ONLINE]


Euromillions result (FDJ): the draw for Friday March 15, 2024 [ONLINE]

EUROMILLIONS. An exceptional draw of 130 million euros was organized on Friday evening at the Euromillions. Here are the results !

Have the 130 million euros at stake this Friday March 15, 2024 during an exceptional Euromillions draw made you the millionaire you always dreamed of becoming? Discover the Euromillions result without further delay! Note that although we still do not know if a player managed to win the jackpot, we know that there was, in any case, a lucky winner in France thanks to the My Million code, which, during each draw, allows a player who has tried his luck in France to win one million euros.

But actually, what could 130 million euros amount to? It is indeed a colossal sum and most of us, mere mortals, surely have a little difficulty visualizing... the thing. If it seems certain that in the event of victory you will, without a doubt, be able to swim in a pool filled with one euro coins, like Uncle Scrooge, concretely, 130 million euros are also the equivalent of 100,000 minimum wage, or 8,333 years of minimum income in perspective! For fans of the 7th Art, it also means 13.6 million cinema seats. And for those who are more “Team Netflix”, 6,500,000 months of the best subscription offered on the video-on-demand platform, enough to ensure a subscription for you and your descendants for the next 541,666 years!