Woman dies in anchor center: residents attack police officers

On Saturday, was found murdered in a anchor the centre in Regensburg, a woman dead. She leaves behind three children. It is a large-scale operation of the polic

Woman dies in anchor center: residents attack police officers

On Saturday, was found murdered in a anchor the centre in Regensburg, a woman dead. She leaves behind three children. It is a large-scale operation of the police took place, officials were attacked.

Update 16.27 at: After the death of a young Nigerian woman in a refugee accommodation in Regensburg to clashes between residents and the police. According to police officials and emergency workers of were villagers "harassed and assaulted", when they arrived on Saturday morning after a distress call in the refugee accommodation. The removal of the body of the 31-year-old woman was only after hours of tension. In the afternoon I calmed down the situation.

to let the situation escalate further, it had been allows the residents finally "in close cooperation with the management of the property" to carry the coffin with the young woman under the supervision of the police, the vehicle of a funeral company. I have calmed down the Situation very quickly. No one hurt. The deceased Nigerian woman leave three children between the ages of three and nine years. They had been taken from the welfare office.

The police was with a large contingent on site. The official 40 to 50 residents of the establishment were, according to police information temporarily. The police checks, whether against the inhabitants of the home because of the disputes, investigations must be initiated.

A shock, there was also a sport space, as a local resident in Emmerthal, near Hannover, the corpse of a young woman in a hut was found, as nordbuzz.de reported.

woman dies in anchor center: residents attack police officers – rescuers cannot recover the body

message from the 11. May, 13.15: After the death of a woman in a rain of Burger refugee home, it is on Saturday to a large-scale operation the police came. The forces spoke of "riots" in the so-called anchor the centre. The exact number of persons involved was not at first clear. The officials were with a large contingent on the ground, as a police said spokesman.

On Saturday morning, the police discovered a lifeless Person in the home. The rescue service had only been able to observe the death of a woman. "The reason for this is still unclear and is the subject of a police investigation," said the spokesman. For more information on the cause of death, wanted to announce the Regensburg police Bureau in the course of Saturday. Also, the identity of the dead was not initially communicated.

police in Regensburg, Germany: residents of anchor center attack police officers

"The death of a young woman was the occasion for a high level of emotional," said the police spokesman. During the mission, the forces of the residents of the property had been harassed and attacked. "The mood among residents is not heated, so that a mountains of the corpse was possible." Police officers were pelted with stones and other objects. After about three hours, it was possible to bring the Dead out of the building.

is It housed a larger number of people in the anchor centre, reported to the police. The exact number could not name the officials but first of all also.

police in Regensburg, Germany - again and again there is a conflict in anchor centers

In all the Bavarian administrative districts, there is the controversial anchor centers. There is, in particular, refugees will be accommodated in the longer term, in the opinion of the authorities little chance to be granted asylum. The other refugees should be soon taught in decentralized homes. The word anchor is for(the future), k(ommunale distribution), E(decision) and R(ückführung).

In the past, there were already multiple applications in a Bavarian anchor centers serious conflicts between residents and police forces. There were, for example, in the upper Franconian town of Bamberg, and in the Swabian town of Donauwörth, injuries and arrests.

two Schongauer asylum seeker accommodation it came out last week to a large-scale operation, such as merkur.de* reported.

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Date Of Update: 13 May 2019, 00:00