Summary of Tomorrow belongs to us episode 1393 of March 29, 2023


Summary of Tomorrow belongs to us episode 1393 of March 29, 2023

TOMORROW BELONGS TO US. In episode 1393 of Tomorrow belongs to us from Wednesday, March 29, 2023, Lisa does not budge: Benoit is guilty, even if everyone wants to convince her otherwise. Summary.

In episode 1393 of DNA on Wednesday March 29, for lack of evidence, Benoit is released. Lisa is still convinced that he is the killer and assumes that he put someone else's blood at the crime scenes to mislead them, but George tells her that is not possible. Benoit comes to find Lisa, but she is cold with him and tells Amel how much this encounter disgusted her. However, Amel advises her sister to move on. For his part, Benoit confides in Chloe that he feels upset and the principal gives him his afternoon. Once home, the young man retrieves a package that contains a new slaughter pistol. Could Lisa be right? Benoit, is he the killer who is causing panic in Sète? For their part, Benjamin and Audrey are struggling to take the shock despite the support of their loved ones and their community.

Still in Sète, Judith has a fever and will not go to work. She is not very sick for all that and will take advantage of her day to sort out parcels of clothes that she has just received and can count on Jordan to help her choose the outfits that she will keep and those that she will will return. Or almost, the young man accidentally damages a dress, but his girlfriend does not hold it against him. In this episode of Tomorrow Belongs to Us, Noor comes to check Judith's blood sugar and the two young women talk about their romantic relationships. The nurse is impressed with Jordan's change from a former rebel to a "kitten" who runs straight.

Finally, in episode 1393 of Tomorrow belongs to us broadcast on Wednesday March 29, 2023 on TF1, Étienne enjoys hanging out with Alex and Sylvain, even if the latter never ceases to amaze him. Moreno has not forgotten his sailing dreams and he has just found the boat of his dreams thanks to the wise advice of his new friend. Unfortunately, the boat is reserved for other buyers. Sylvain does not allow himself to be dismantled and invents a solid experience of navigator to convince the seller. And it works! Under the puzzled gaze of Curtis and Alex, Sylvain bamboozles the owner who decides to sell it to him, convinced that he bequeaths his boat to a passionate sailor. Will Sylvain be unmasked?