Summary of Tomorrow belongs to us episode 1392 of March 28, 2023


Summary of Tomorrow belongs to us episode 1392 of March 28, 2023

TOMORROW BELONGS TO US. In episode 1392 of Tomorrow belongs to us on Tuesday March 28, 2023, DNA analyzes exonerate Benoît Letellier. Summary.

In DNA episode 1392 from Tuesday, March 28, police increasingly suspect Benedict of being the killer. It is indeed disturbing to note that he uses the same soap as the murderer and that he still lived near the scene of the crimes… Lisa is convinced that he is the author of the murders, but she could be wrong. And the results of the analyzes confirm it: the DNA found on the victims is not that of Benoît Letellier. However, these coincidences are disconcerting, and Benedict admits he feels the killer is stalking him. But if not him, who is?

At the same time, Soizic surprises Charlie and Jules having a drink together and jumps at the chance to provoke his rival by saying that they make a good couple and could rekindle the flame. Charlie is really not of this opinion, which is a blow for Jules who would like to win her back. In the Tuesday, March 28 episode of DNA, while François asks Soizic to stop trying to mess up his relationship with Charlie, the latter, stung by Jules who accuses her of having become stuck since that she goes out with the teacher, decides to throw a big party. Nathan warns his friend, by wanting to prove to his ex that she is still the same, she could create a misunderstanding.

Finally, in the episode of Tomorrow belongs to us broadcast on March 28 on TF1, annoyed by Renaud's attitude towards Sébastien, Marianne lets him know that she did not appreciate seeing him behave in such an unworthy and that she can't stand his jealousy. Later, talking about this problem to Chloé, Marianne affirms that she has no feelings for Sébastien. Following her daughter's advice, she clears things up with the prosecutor. She makes him understand that although she appreciates him, she is married and doesn't want any ambiguity, that's why she gives him back the scarf he gave her. A real disappointment for Sébastien.