Summary of Tomorrow belongs to us as of February 6, 2023


Summary of Tomorrow belongs to us as of February 6, 2023

TOMORROW BELONGS TO US. In the episodes of Tomorrow belongs to us broadcast from February 6, 2023, Muriel and Chloé risk having a serious car accident. Summary.

In the episodes of DNA broadcast from Monday February 6 on TF1, while Mélanie has an increasingly suspicious behavior concerning the death of Pujol, François asks questions to Patrick Faure. But this one does not give him the expected answers: he suggests to him that his own mother could have hurt his father. For her part, exasperated by the behavior of François, who is completely blinded by this story, Charlie decides to return to live with Sylvain and Christelle. Will their marriage stand this test? For her part, Muriel also questions Patrick. Furious, he promises him revelations... Later, completely in shock, Muriel takes the wheel. Trying to calm her down, Chloe also gets into her car, but Muriel drives too fast and risks hitting a truck. Will they avoid the accident?

At the same time, in the episodes of DNA for the week of February 6, Bénédicte meets a new patient, Luna Aznar. This is a dancer who had a scooter accident. Following her injuries, the young woman thinks she will never be able to dance like before again. Bénédicte wants to be reassuring, but she is touched by this story. So much so that she finally decides to forbid Dorian from buying an electric scooter. By going back on the promise she had made, Bénédicte attracts the wrath of her son.

Elsewhere in Sète, since being taken in by a manipulator, Martin is no longer in the mood to meet people, but Nordine thinks that loneliness is weighing on his father and asks Aurore to introduce him to a friend. Finally, the organized dinner is cut short since this famous friend is already in a relationship. In the episodes of Tomorrow belongs to us from February 6, Nordine and Manon encourage Martin to try dating sites. And it works because very quickly, the commander has an appointment with a Sétoise. Will Martin find love?