Miss Roussillon: Élise Aquilina elected, discover her portrait

Miss Roussillon.

Miss Roussillon: Élise Aquilina elected, discover her portrait

Miss Roussillon. Élise Aquilina was elected Miss Roussillon on August 5 and won her ticket for Miss France.

[Updated August 29, 2023 at 4:25 p.m.] Roussillon has found its representative in the Miss France 2024 election. On August 5 at Bacarès, Elise Aquilina was elected Miss Roussillon 2023, thus winning her ticket for the national election. , on December 16 in Dijon. An unexpected victory for the one who confessed in the columns of L'Indépendant to watch each of the Miss France elections with her sister.

It was not the first time that she appeared in the beauty contest, since she had won the sash of the fourth runner-up of Miss Languedoc-Roussillon in 2021. Aged 21, Elise Aquilina is destined to become a public lawyer. But the election of Miss Roussillon has turned her immediate plans upside down, and the young woman is now planning to take a sabbatical year to take advantage of her reign.

Miss Roussillon is a beauty contest that elects a candidate for the Miss France national election each year. Until 2022, candidates would compete under the Miss Languedoc-Roussillon banner. Since then, two candidates have come to represent the former region. No Miss Roussillon has been elected in the Miss France election, although four representatives from Languedoc-Roussillon have been crowned until 2022: Madeleine Mourgues in 1930, Annie Garrigues in 1938, Myriam Stocco in 1971 and Alexandra Rosenfeld in 2006 The first (and last) Miss Roussillon was Chiara Fontaine, 20 at the time of her coronation, who qualified in 13th place in the 2023 edition.