Here it all starts on March 20, 2023: Billie and Vic's secrets revealed (spoilers)


Here it all starts on March 20, 2023: Billie and Vic's secrets revealed (spoilers)

HERE IT ALL STARTS. In the episodes of Here it all begins from Monday March 20, 2023, the informer continues to leak the secrets of the members of the Circle. Summary in advance and spoilers.

In the next episodes of Here it all begins on Monday March 20, Joachim returns to support Clotilde after the turmoil of the past few weeks. She fears that Enzo's secret will be out and Rose advises her to tell him about it directly. The two sisters have no confidence in him. A little later, they summon the students about the leak of secrets and lie by saying they know the identity of the informer. But the latter, far from being scared, swing on the WhatsApp group that he will deliver new secrets at 5 p.m. Enzo worries and accuses Vic. In front of the reunited Circle, she refuses to show her phone but denies being involved. Meanwhile, Constance and Théo go to see Emmanuel, who has just been ousted. The latter is confident, certain of being able to recover his position. At 5 p.m., the informer reveals the secret of Billie, who admits to working on the Paradise site and that of Vic, who almost killed his basketball coach.

In the salt marshes, Salomé tries to relax with a yoga session before having to face Thomas again. In the episodes of Here it all starts from Monday, March 20, Salomé explains to Gaëtan that Thomas is doing everything to make him pay for his breakup. But at the Institute, Thomas asks Salomé to help him with his class while admitting that he hasn't been very nice to her lately. Salomé does not seek to be friends with her ex but when he mentions Kelly to improve their relationship, she allows herself to be convinced. But after class, Thomas makes her a declaration of love and tells her that he can't forget her. Salomé repeats to him that she has chosen Gaëtan and leaves the workshop.

Finally, in the episodes of ITC broadcast from Monday March 20, the petanque tournament takes place in Calvières. Lionel wants to team up with Kelly, who refuses. Then with Solal, who also refuses. Olivia, who overheard the conversation, says how much she loves this activity. But she has an appointment with a supplier and cannot be his partner. Lionel announces his disappointment to Kelly, who changes her mind and agrees to participate in the tournament, even if she does not know how to play. She leaves Lionel in the lurch when her boyfriend reproaches her. He tries to catch up with her.