Here it all starts on February 6, 2023: Charlène and Salomé in trouble! (spoiler)


Here it all starts on February 6, 2023: Charlène and Salomé in trouble! (spoiler)

HERE IT ALL STARTS. In the episodes of Here it all begins from Monday, February 6, 2023, the two young women are suspected of cheating in the competition for Fayet's financing. Summary in advance and spoilers.

[Updated February 3, 2023 at 6:30 p.m.] In the next episodes of ITC from Monday February 6, Charlène and Salomé are called to explain the similarity of their recipes. Who plagiarized the other? Salomé wonders if Louis could not have been the one who would have passed on her recipes. But there is more urgency: Salomé is afraid of being fired from the project if she cannot prove that Charlène stole her ideas. Made aware, Edouard Fayet does not want controversy and suggests excluding them both. But Rose found a solution to decide between them: have them cook the dish. Salomé asks for Tristan's help to train but he prefers to put some distance as his feelings are strong.

Elsewhere at the Institute, Lisandro has been increasingly in demand since he won the mixology championship, and Anaïs suffers a little from it. She offers him to go to dinner in a restaurant in Aigues-Mortes the same evening but he declines for lack of time. He tells her that he misses her too but that they will probably be able to spend more time together in a few weeks. In the episodes from Monday February 6 of Here it all begins, Anaïs complains to Kelly about her romantic situation. Kelly advises him to prepare a little romantic surprise for Lisandro: Anaïs has the idea of ​​making a surprise lunchbox that she will put behind the Double A bar. But it's not Lisandro who discovers the package, it's Theo, who thinks Vic is behind the tasty creation.

Finally, in the episodes of ITC broadcast from Monday, February 6, during a cooking exercise, Samia offers Jasmine to team up, while Axel finds himself with Ethan. The latter confides: since Samia revealed her bisexuality to him, he is afraid of losing her. The evening he is going to spend will not reassure him: during a fondue at the roommate the same evening, Jasmine drops her piece of bread in the dish and has to kiss Samia, it is her pledge. Ethan is going to live very badly with what he has seen, up to nightmares despite the reassuring words of his girlfriend.