Here it all starts on February 27, 2023: Emmanuel is not Axel's father (spoilers)


Here it all starts on February 27, 2023: Emmanuel is not Axel's father (spoilers)

HERE IT ALL STARTS. In the episodes of Here it all begins from Monday, February 27, 2023, Axel tries by all means to find out if he is Simon, the lost child of the Teyssiers. Summary in advance and spoilers.

[Updated February 24, 2023 at 6:30 p.m.] In the next episodes of ITC from Monday, February 27, as the Festival of Taste moves to the Institute, Axel is in full doubt about his origins. Did Constance and Emmanuel really lose a child, Simon, before birth? Or is Axel their child, entrusted at birth to allow Teyssier not to destabilize his career? To find out for sure, Axel wants to take a DNA test by stealing Emmanuel's, even if Jasmine thinks it's a bad idea. While Axel makes blunders in the kitchen, destabilized by his initiative, Theo speaks to his parents who are now worried that the truth will be discovered. When he returns to the Institute, a welcoming committee awaits Axel. Lola, Philippe, Emmanuel and Constance tell him that he is neither Simon nor a Teyssier: Lola and Philippe are certainly not his biological parents but neither are Emmanuel and Constance.

Elsewhere at the Institute, Kelly learns from Anaïs that Theo had a crush on the author of the mystery lunch box but she does not want to reveal to him that she is the one behind this mystery dish. For his part, Theo is obsessed with solving this riddle and has a plan to discover the chef: put her dessert on the Double A menu, dark chocolate jelly, cardamom panacotta and mango coulis. In the upcoming episodes from Monday February 27 of Here it all begins, after the service, Kelly updates Anaïs on Theo's strategy. While Anaïs hesitates to go talk to Theo, Kelly dissuades her: Theo will get tired of looking.

Finally, in the episodes of ITC airing starting Monday, February 27, Louis enrolled Vic in a third-year class to push her forward. Lionel does not hesitate to say that she is the shame of her promotion and Hortense tries to defend her sister. But Vic still fails the new test that Louis asks of the students: a saddle of lamb in a potato crust. To stimulate her, Louis suggests that she come back the next day for a graded exercise. She accepts the challenge.