Here it all starts from March 15, 2023: Louis soon to be director? (Spoilers)


Here it all starts from March 15, 2023: Louis soon to be director? (Spoilers)

HERE IT ALL STARTS. In episode 621 of Here it all begins on Wednesday March 15, 2023, after the revelation of cheating, Emmanuel is forced to resign. Summary in advance and spoilers.

In episode 621 of ITC from Wednesday March 15, Emmanuel gets angry with his son after the anonymous message posted the day before on the Institute's WhatsApp group. Teyssier cheated to get the post of director, a secret Theo had given to join the Circle and which was exposed. Emmanuel criticizes him for having trusted Vic too much. Clotilde intercepts Emmanuel and offers to deny his involvement to her, in exchange for his support in his re-election. But in Antoine's office, Emmanuel admits having cheated and dumps Clotilde, which shocks Claire. Teyssier suggests saying that the word is wrong so as not to alienate the students. Meanwhile, Theo goes to see Vic who can no longer find the secrets hidden in his room and fears that his own secret will be exposed. Antoine brings everyone together again and wants to make an immediate decision: Teyssier is laid off and he wants to appoint an interim manager. Claire declines the job because she doesn't want to be the center of dirty tricks, so Louis nominates her.

In the streets of Calvières, Lionel and Solal are looking for Myriel's car which they borrowed after eating hallucinogenic mushrooms. In episode 621 of Here it all begins, which aired on Wednesday March 15, they find it tagged and filled with empty kebab boxes. They hurry to clean it to put it back in its place. A little later, Antoine discovers her intact in her place in the parking lot of the Institute, her keys deposited on her desk with a word, "sorry". He exculpates his son and apologizes for having doubted him. A little later, the head Listrac reframes Lionel and Solal who have not tidied up anything in the commissary. They tell her that they accidentally took magic mushrooms and beg her not to report them. She passes the towel but threatens them for the next time. For his part, Antoine withdraws his complaint.

Finally, in the episode of ITC broadcast on Wednesday March 15, on the eve of his departure, Eliott admits to Jasmine that he feels guilty for leaving her alone with Naël, but the young woman tells him that she will get out of it, supported by Axel and Hortense. Then, Eliott shows Antoine his Double A Nomade project. He congratulates him on his great job and Eliott takes the opportunity to announce his decision to join Greg in Japan. Antoine asks him to hold out for three months until the exams. Eliott says that working in a gastronomy on the other side of the world will be just as formative as studying at the Institute but Antoine tells him that he will not support him. With his friends, Eliott begins to doubt his choice to leave. He receives a phone call from Greg and seems worried.