Here it all starts from February 9, 2023: Thomas betrayed Salome (spoilers)


Here it all starts from February 9, 2023: Thomas betrayed Salome (spoilers)

HERE IT ALL STARTS. In episode 597 of Here it all begins on Thursday, February 9, 2023, Louis and Gaëtan discover that Charlène has plotted everything to have her competitor eliminated. Summary in advance and spoilers.

In the next episode of Here it all begins on Thursday, February 9, Salomé confides in Thomas: Charlène asked Louis to sabotage her preparation before accusing her of getting her fired. To cheer her up, Thomas offered to buy Le Diapason, a restaurant in downtown Nîmes where she would have carte blanche for the concept and he would take care of the logistics and finance. She wants to think things over and Anaïs also advises her to first settle her affairs with Gaëtan who kissed her the day before. In a corridor, she explains to him that she is in love with Thomas and that she prefers to keep her distance. It's the cold shower. For his part, Louis understands that Salomé never stole Charlène's recipes. The young woman, proud of the last tasting at the workshop, allows herself to be invited by Livio, still in love, for a drink to celebrate her success. Witness of the scene, Louis reproaches his double game to Charlène who, leaving, forgets her phone on the table. Louis discovers an SMS giving an appointment to Charlène by being discreet. Louis goes to see Gaëtan to talk to him about the text message. The latter goes there and Thomas arrives...

Elsewhere at the Institute, Samia is convinced that Billie slept with Solal and the main interested party does not deny it. Samia hastens to tell everything to Tom. On the Thursday, Feb. 9 episode of Here It All Begins, Vic overhears the conversation and promises not to say anything. The two friends find it unfortunate that Billie only wants sex with Solal whom they find charming. They decide to give him a hand. For his part, Tom is worried. Vic puts his plan into action, offers Billie, Solal and Tom a drink and manages to leave Billie and Solal alone. Tom joins Billie in her room afterwards and the young woman tells him that she could consider getting into a relationship. Tom then makes his statement and Billie asks him to kiss her.

Finally, in the episode of ITC broadcast on Thursday February 9, in the kitchen, Lionel asks his comrades for an opinion on the canelés he intends to put on his menu. Too basic, think Mehdi and Zacharie. To his students, the latter asks for the realization in pairs of a Montansier. Hortense sits down with Lionel, more preoccupied with her dessert. He is reframed by Zacharie who calls all his students to order after the tasting. They have to start the Montansier again, which he will come to taste early tomorrow morning.