Here it all starts from February 8, 2023: Salomé and Gaëtan kiss! (spoiler)


Here it all starts from February 8, 2023: Salomé and Gaëtan kiss! (spoiler)

HERE IT ALL STARTS. In episode 596 of Here it all begins on February 8, Salomé confronts Gaëtan feeling betrayed, but does not push him away when he kisses her. Summary in advance and spoilers.

In episode 596 of Here it all begins on February 8, 2023, Charlène is ready to do anything to oust Salomé from her brigade. She convinces Louis to sabotage his opponent's dishes in order to get her fired. Salome overhears their conversation and realizes something is up. The next day, during the break, she hides her phone to film a possible wrongdoing. Later, during the tasting, the Salomé broth is way too salty. While Charlène gets angry, her enemy accuses her of cheating and goes to show the video to her father. Teyssier was already aware of his daughter's actions, but he reveals to Salomé that on her side, she owes her success only to Gaëtan, who himself was helped... By Emmanuel! The latter confronts his daughter who denies. Her father warns her: if she persists, he will let her go once and for all. Back at the roommate, Salomé demands accounts from Gaétan and he confesses the truth to her. Salome feels crummy, but her friend reassures her, before kissing her. She kisses him back.

Still at the Institute, Souleymane is more and more fulfilled in his role as a market gardener and he announces to Antoine that he wishes to become a full-time professor. His father is delighted and supports him in his approach, convinced that he will make an excellent teacher and that he will have no trouble convincing Clotilde and Rose. In this episode of ITC, the two women refuse, however, despite the qualities of Souleymane. According to them, he lacks experience and is too young since he is the same age as the students. Antoine is disappointed that his companion refuses to give him a chance, especially since she too had no experience when she arrived at the establishment.

Finally, in episode 596 of Here it all begins broadcast on February 8, 2023 on TF1, Billie and Tom have just spent a tender night. Samia immediately senses that her friend is happier than usual and quickly concludes that she slept with a boy. Billie denies this, but her classmate finds a condom at the foot of her bed and fears she's gone back with Lucas. So she asks Tom for help to unmask the secret lover. Tom takes advantage of Solal's visit to make him take the blame. Later, Billie and Tom meet again and the latter tells him about the scene. The young woman thanks him, they don't need to talk about that night around them, even if clearly, they like each other a lot.