Here it all starts from February 22, 2023: Is Teyssier Ethan's father? (spoiler)


Here it all starts from February 22, 2023: Is Teyssier Ethan's father? (spoiler)

HERE IT ALL STARTS. In episode 606 of Here it all begins on Wednesday, February 22, 2023, Ethan absolutely wants to know the secret of his origins. Is Emmanuel related to it? Summary in advance and spoilers.

[Updated Feb 21, 2023 6:30 PM] In the next episode of ITC on Wednesday, Feb 22, Ethan begins to believe that Teyssier is really his father, even though the latter still denies it. Disturbing fact he discovered: the month of his birth, in 2000, the chef mysteriously absented himself from a regional pastry championship final. A coincidence for the competitor? Ethan asks his mother again if Teyssier is his father but Chief Cardone assures him that she had artificial insemination and that Teyssier is not his father. Axel then decides to call his father who immediately warns his brother and asks him to be careful. Emmanuel tells his nephew to be wary of Ethan, who tested positive for amphetamines, which he denies outright in front of Axel. In Constance, Emmanuel tells the whole story: yes, he falsified Ethan's results to keep Axel away and protect their secret.

Elsewhere at the Institute, Billie is no longer contagious after her chicken pox. On the Wednesday, February 22 episode of Here It All Begins, Vic visits her and teases her about Tom who, in turn, has caught the disease. But Billie does not intend to reveal her beginning of history with Tom and lies by assuring that it is with Solal that she had spent the night. What he denied not to grill them. Before baking class, Billie tells Tom about her conversation with Vic. Tom offers to tell the truth but Billie doesn't see why she would reveal a relationship that is only based on sex. Tom, hurt to see that Billie seems to want to stop there, does not insist. Ambre, who noticed the complicity of the two friends, intends to reveal their relationship thanks to a plan.

Finally, in the episode of ITC broadcast on Wednesday February 22, at the Atelier, Olivia continues her case study with the new menu of their fictitious brewery in front of a mystery shopper. All the students get excited until they find out that the customer will be Louis. On her way home, Olivia confides in Claire how much her son impressed her in class. Which delights the mother who knows how divisive her son can be.