Here everything starts from February 23, 2023: the secret of the Teyssiers discovered? (Spoilers)


Here everything starts from February 23, 2023: the secret of the Teyssiers discovered? (Spoilers)

HERE IT ALL STARTS. In episode 607 of Here it all begins this Thursday, February 23, Axel and Ethan discover that the latter may be the son of Emmanuel and Constance. Summary in advance and spoilers.

In episode 607 of Here it all begins on February 23, Constance and Emmanuel push Axel to get away from Ethan. But the latter gives him the proof that he does not take drugs by taking a test in front of him. Axel understands that his uncle and aunt lied to him to protect a secret. But which one? In addition, Teyssier decided to send Ethan on an internship in New York to stop him snooping. More determined than ever to discover the truth, the two friends question Theo. The Teyssier son ends up telling them that it is impossible that his father had an affair at the time because he and his mother went through a difficult ordeal: they lost a child just before he was born, he should have been called Simon. Finally, Axel catches Constance tearing up a letter. He retrieves it and reassembles it with Ethan. They understand that Simon could be alive, he would have been adopted at birth... Could it be Ethan?

Also on the Thursday, February 23, episode of ITC, Amber puts her plan into action to unmask Tom and Billie. She openly flirts with Tom and arranges to meet him in the evening, convinced that he will never have the guts to go all the way. Tom pushes her away at first, but understanding her ride, he decides to play along and talks to Billie about it. The latter then wants to catch her friends in their own trap... but she doesn't last long! Seeing Tom and Amber about to kiss, she snaps and stops them. Billie formalizes her relationship with Tom in front of Vic and Amber who are jubilant.

Finally, in the episode of Here it all begins broadcast on February 23 on TF1, third-year students are stressed for their exam. Students who do not have the average will have to leave the institute, and Landiras does not hesitate to remind them of this. Finally, Teyssier tastes their preparations, but makes no comment. They will have to wait while he considers his verdict. Teyssier confides in Antoine that in truth, he is happy with them and that no one will be fired, but he will tell them in due time. For him, if he tells them that they bluffed him, they will relax and leave the institute with an average level, and that is out of the question.