Fifteen candidates for Miss France thrown out! Half the election is a foregone conclusion

The Miss France 2024 election takes place on Saturday December 16, in Dijon.

Fifteen candidates for Miss France thrown out! Half the election is a foregone conclusion

The Miss France 2024 election takes place on Saturday December 16, in Dijon. If the 30 candidates parade from the start of the evening, half are already eliminated before the start of the show. We'll explain it to you.

On December 16, a young woman's life will change completely. On this date, one of the 30 regional Misses will be crowned Miss France 2024, during an election scheduled at the Zénith in Dijon. The lucky winner will succeed Indira Ampiot, current title holder. But before that, the 30 candidates will parade in front of the TF1 cameras and in different settings to represent their region.

Before this big election, the candidates went on a preparation trip to Guyana in November. The Miss France experts were able to take advantage of this to judge the punctuality of the candidates, their respect for the rules, their spirit of camaraderie but also their general culture. A test which aims to assess each person's knowledge was then submitted to the Misses. This year, the questionnaire was particularly difficult, since the average of the candidates was 30/60. The best score was obtained by Miss Alsace, with 42.5 points out of 60.

Because for half of the candidates, the parade in front of the cameras on election night is a parade for nothing, or almost. Those less informed may not know it, but the first stage of the election, which determines the 15 finalists who can hope to be crowned at the end of the evening, was actually played out a few days before behind the scenes.

Even before the start of the competition on Saturday December 16 at 9:10 p.m., the regional Misses must submit to several qualifying stages, which include tests carried out in Guyana, but also an oral in front of a jury, made up of members of the Miss France organization or TF1. This will take place on December 13, three days before the election.

During this individual interview of a few minutes in front of the pre-selection jury, the candidates must parade and express themselves. The objective: for the Miss France experts to determine if the young woman in front of them can become a good national ambassador, by judging in particular her eloquence, her motivation and her development over a month. The candidates play everything at this time and must prepare their own outfit, makeup and hairstyle.

A candidate who does not get a good grade on the general knowledge test or who makes a bad impression during the oral exam may see her chances of becoming Miss France go up in smoke. The pre-selection interview is notably the time for candidates to reveal their true motivation. It may happen that some people say they don't feel ready to take on the responsibilities of Miss France and don't even want to be one of the 15 finalists!

At the end of this observation phase, the jurors vote in any case for the 15 candidates they wish to see among the finalists, on the evening of the show. As the Miss France 2024 parade begins, the fate has already been decided for half of the candidates, and, perhaps, for your favorite. The identity of the 15 finalists is not revealed until mid-evening. It is from this moment that viewers can start voting for their favorite candidate.