Dancing with the stars: Inès Reg returns, the dancers “can’t take it anymore”!

Break out the popcorn! Dancing with the Stars returns this Friday on TF1, with Inès Reg and dancers who can't take it anymore.

Dancing with the stars: Inès Reg returns, the dancers “can’t take it anymore”!

Break out the popcorn! Dancing with the Stars returns this Friday on TF1, with Inès Reg and dancers who can't take it anymore...

Will Dancing with the Stars (DALS) return to some semblance of normalcy before the close of the 2024 season? In the days leading up to the show's 8th prime time, this Friday April 12 on TF1, the dramas continued to follow one another, sometimes embarrassing the producers. The latest event to date, Inès Reg's spectacular discomfort during DALS live last Friday, acted like a new cluster bomb all week. After having abruptly left the set just after his performance, leaving his partner, the dancer Christophe Licata, stranded in the middle of the evening, the comedian left doubt for several days about his intentions. The only information for fans: the statement from the show's doctor, referring to a "big, big discomfort" and assuring that the comedian had left the set of his own accord, then a few outings from Christophe Licata on social networks, responding to the haters who denounced a simulation.

Already under fire from critics since her altercation with Natasha St-Pier behind the scenes and the bad buzz that followed, Inès Reg for her part remained silent for a long time, putting the fans in turmoil and the DALS teams once again a little more on edge. The Dancing with the Stars 2024 candidate finally broke this silence on Tuesday, on social networks, after several days without any news (which is not really her habit). “Everything is fine, everything is better. My heart raced, it prevented me from breathing because it was so compressed, my left arm burned with pain and my legs could no longer hold up,” she admitted on her Instagram account, while emphasizing his determination to continue the competition. And to add a little layer: "the bad guys can shout and lie. Me, we stay, we give of ourselves, we shout our love and we prove that it's always the good guys who win in the end" .

The atmosphere behind the scenes is not really good, these events have of course not helped anything and neither has this obsession with the adventures of Inès Reg. All week, speculation followed revelations about the uneasiness which spread and even accentuated within the teams. The word “burn-out” has been mentioned several times here and there. Dancer Anthony Colette, partner of Natasha St-Pier, who himself accused Inès Reg of threats in mid-March, revealed having lost 7 kilos since the start of the show, attributing this change to pressure and stress. Later, the dancer put on hold his participation in the weekend bonus, due to a back injury: “I may have to replace things in my choreography for tomorrow or be replaced for the lifts by another dancer", he declared on social networks on Thursday... He would still have headed to the studio this Friday.

In a long article in Le Parisien mid-week, the other participants in the show expressed a feeling of exhaustion in the face of these events. An anonymous source within the production confided: "The other dancers on the show can't stand this situation anymore. They have the impression that they will have to work with dramas every week until the end of the season."

The atmosphere that was established in DALS 2024, far from the usually friendly spirit of the program, will in any case be remembered and will undoubtedly tarnish the entire season. As a reminder, Dancing with the Stars began this year with a backstage clash between Inès Reg and Natasha St-Pier. This was born from an altercation during a rehearsal session at the end of January, following a request from Inès Reg to lower the volume of the music. Insults and threats followed, giving rise to filings by Natasha St-Pier and Anthony Colette against the comedian and his entourage.

Until the finale of Dancing with the Stars 2024, it's difficult to know what can still happen. But in this very special season, Inès Reg will have at least succeeded in one thing: becoming the most scrutinized candidate in the show. Already closely watched until her malaise last week, the comedian will be even more so this Friday evening, when DALS goes on air.