Daniel Behle: The Tenor from HTML

Interview with Daniel Behle on his new operetta, and its planned Lohengrin Munich - His most recent prank was one of his best: a Christmas plate, partly wit

Daniel Behle: The Tenor from HTML

Interview with Daniel Behle on his new operetta, and its planned Lohengrin

Munich - His most recent prank was one of his best: a Christmas plate, partly with his own compositions, between devoted love to the Festival and the catchy tune of good Satire. Daniel Behle is a most peculiar Erling the music scene. Currently, the Tenor sings in Munich, however, with classic fare: At the state Opera, the 45-Year-old sings the Belmonte in Mozart's "abduction from the seraglio", tomorrow, Friday, 19.30, opened it in Max-Joseph-hall with Schubert's "the Beautiful Miller's wife" the next passage in the series "song of life". A Meeting in the lunch break.

you take as a singer, Spaghetti with garlic?

company: we Want to clean up the same time with the clichés? I have even sparkling water or Cola. Just when I'm a little sick, has a carbon dioxide quite stimulating. At home, garlic is so ne thing. Also can of fish I love, is a No-Go.

Just write an operetta. When's the live?

company: , Maybe in three years?! An idea I have: two villages in the North of Germany, the brew in the beer compete with each other. The brewers always wins, the other has a very ambitious woman. To persuade her husband to blackmail the mayor of the winning village, in order to get the secret of the host with the name Flens. The four drunken Bavaria predicted that he was going to the largest beer brewers in the world. Do you remember?


company: It's "Macbeth"! The title could hops be: "and malt"?!

you Have no fear that you Label up sticks à la "Daniel Behle, the funny Hamburger"?

company: We want to patent a product always like to label. In fact, the drawers don't tell me much. To avoid my personal box, it works pretty good so far. My first song-sheets, it was in spite of several years of Opera activity: "Behle, the song singer". Later, in the case of the plate with Renate Behle, I was "the son of the mother". Now there is a composer, thanks to "winter's journey", "Mein Hamburg" and "My Christmas songs": "the singing". I see myself as a musician. And everything is connected. The idea of this operetta was created, for example, from working on my CD-productions.

Who can guarantee that this can not go incredibly wrong and you the most fun, but the audience less?

company: With the planned Puns is, of course, such a thing. I believe, however, that to me is a feeling, when it fits and when not. Let's see. The Plan is currently to make a basically serious story by absurdity entertaining. How much courage I can muster, I can't see yet. An example: The Klaus carried with us from the outside into a conflict with his Squire sciatica, the bears always on the way of St. James. But you got lost, landed in this North German village and meet the host's daughter Senta. You are singing the Senta-Klaus-duet: "do You Want to ne Fanta, Klaus? I'm gonna get You!“ Another example: There is Bernd, later, as he left, the ballad "The wound of Bernd sings" with the text line: "What I was looking for a gate, gate, gate,"... Such things going on, truly, and seriously. The Comedy is of alone.

we are Talking about your "Lohengrin", they sing only in Dortmund, in Stuttgart, Germany. It seems as if every German lyrical Tenor is of the essence to this game.

company: So it is not for me. If I don't leave but all the back fall down, what to bring with me in connection, then, it remains Belmonte, Tamino, "the Beautiful Müllerin" and "Winterreise". I want to be able to develop, and I am fortunately in the Situation that some Director thought of me for compartment expanding roles. I believe that my path leads eventually to the heroic. Whether it's enough of the serious stuff that is not important. I felt the "Dutch"-Erik at the Hamburg Opera, but very good; that's a good sign. The Lohengrin is him vocally similar, just much longer.

you Need on this strange music the market a biotope, with the remains recognizable? Belmonte is a singer there are so many.

company: But, unfortunately, not a lot of Good. In addition to the operas engagement plate productions or gala concerts run independently and in parallel. As a musician and artist it is important to me to do something, what is authentic and what you believe in. I'm so much Different, because I'm very quickly bored. There are always blocks. Songs-stage, the Baroque Phase, Mozart-Phase, Strauss - and Wagner-Phase and so on. And if you have a bit of Humor, then you must also live out.

The interview Markus Thiel.

concert on Friday, 5.4., as a prelude to the series "song

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