Every Star Fired From ‘Below Deck’ Through the Years: Hannah Ferrier, Peter Hunziker and More

Every Star Fired From ‘Below Deck’ Through the Years: Hannah Ferrier, Peter Hunziker and More

Under Deck and its spinoff show might be reality TV shows, however there could be real life effects for the team's activities both on and off the boat.

Under Deck Mediterranean's Hannah was terminated after she had been captured together with Valium on board through season 5 of this show in 2020.

After her shooting, Beneath Deck alum Kate Chastain only told Us Weekly which Captain Sandy Yawn didn't have a choice after seeing evidence of these medication.

"This choice occurred because there was no other alternative," Chastain informed Us at September 2020. "Nobody wanted Hannah to proceed like that. She has been a fantastic portion of the series for such a long time, but due to particular regulations, Sandy's hands were tied"

Two months before, Peter had been cut Bravo after he left racially charged remarks amid the Dark Lives Matter protests at June 2020.

Under Deck's Shane, on the flip side, was sent packaging during season 8, after a bad performance on the yacht.

"You are simply not doing it for me"

Giving everything I understood I could provide, it was not enough."

Two months before, Captain Lee teased the chance of over 1 team member being allowed go throughout season 8 of their initial show.

"Boatmances are such things which you hope do not occur and you're powerless to stop these," he explained during a View What Happens Live look in October 2020. "You know they are gonna occur, so you just hope they work out for the very best. And if they go south, God they move south so fast. Occasionally you have ta get rid of just two individuals."

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Elizabeth Frankini
The Beneath Deck celebrity was cut out of the team during a February 2021 event in year 8. "I feel every charter I have had to work and I am always putting electricity and checking up on you personally and we have had numerous discussions about this, but sleeping in the guest cottage was kind of, for example, the last straw for me," she explained.

Elizabeth defended herself through Twitter following the episode aired, writing,"It was difficult doing an extreme job being filmed and was hard to observe my errors perform before millions, particularly when there's a whole lot more happening that does not make the last cut. It has been a learning experience"

Shane Coopersmith
The deckhand was cut out of the My Seanna charter during year 8 Below Deck after not making sufficient progress in his function. "You are a fantastic man, but sleeping , taking naps in the center of cleanup, then this morning lost your alarm," bosun Eddie Lucas stated in a December 2020 event. "It is kind of the last straw." Captain Lee confessed that Shane did not have the time to grab.