Trainer debate is becoming more and more absurd: Now Kovac is even recommended the withdrawal

to rate As the performance of Niko Kovac is? Well, experts say. Dealing with the coach pushes you. You criticize Karl-Heinz Rummenigge. Update from the 13.

Trainer debate is becoming more and more absurd: Now Kovac is even recommended the withdrawal
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As the performance of Niko Kovac is? Well, experts say. Dealing with the coach pushes you. You criticize Karl-Heinz Rummenigge.

Update from the 13. May 2019: When you double-watch Sport1 and Sky, many experts and former companions to take Kovac, the press turns out its services in and to exercise more criticism of his superiors. We have summarized the press:

Sport1, Bayern Munich chief reporter, Florian Plettenberg, advises go Kovac voluntarily, before he is forced to do it: "The Bayern (again) a coach discussion - and it's made of (again) the house! Reason: at Almost the same time to Hoeness, Karl-Heinz Rummenigge (again) appeared voluntarily in front of the camera, to be able to (once again) promise that Kovac was also in the next season the coach of FC Bayern. The Board boss stressed to keep anything from Job guarantees. He wanted to keep instead, the "voltage high" and referred only to the 2021-lasting duration of the contract of the Coach. By now, Kovac himself should think of his future! (...) Kovac has defied in his debut season, many of the resistors and can still get the Double.

He deserves it to the last two crucial weeks of the season with maximum support or rest to approach. He didn't deserve it, in turn, to be so challenged and weakened.(...) Kovac should think after the Cup final, therefore, a resignation, and his bosses before, even if this is contrary to his nature as a fighter. Kovac would still go with its head held high. Maybe even the Double.“

FOCUS Online-guest author Pit Gottschalk writes: "The FC Bayern plays a Bock, a strong back round, got 39 points from 16 Games, and has the championship in the own Hand. And yet, the saw on the chair by Niko Kovac. As of the record master to deal with his coach, is simply unworthy and unfair. (...) In the banter between Rummenigge (contract until 2021) and Hoeness (re-election in November open) completely, that Kovac has brought in under the last few percentage points out of a deep squad. What she is able, she showed in big Games (5:0 against Dortmund).

What makes to create her, in small (1:1 in Nürnberg). A coach is not responsible for everything. The cause of the discord is the fact that Rummenigge wanted to before the end of the season another coach; said Thomas Tuchel. Hoeness was, perhaps, born out of necessity, with his desire candidates Kovac. Has now become a plaything in the chief days. Protect Hoeness can only do this if Niko Kovac brings to the title. Now on Saturday.“

initial message: Experts on Sky sports 1 criticize Rummenigge sharp and stand behind Kovac

Munich - In the Sunday double pass-round on Sport1 and Sky with Jörg Wontorra, the experts talked about Niko Kovac and his time at FC Bayern Munich. Meanwhile, he was taken by the experts in the protection and, mainly, the managers criticized. Also on Saturday evening, Hasan Salihamidzic in the ZDF sports Studio has rekindled the discussion.

Bundesliga legend, Heribert bruchhagen, the former Sky commentator Marcel Reif, Ex-Coach from the 1. FC Cologne and Borussia Dortmund Peter Stöger and Ex-Bayern player Christian Ziege have been in sports 1 behind the Coach. Patrick Owomoyela and Friedhelm Funkel, have issued Niko Kovac on Sky a good testimony.

Christian goat over Niko Kovac: "Niko is doing a superior Job,"

"you are great start. With our game, the 3:3, it is tilted. But how he handle it. He is deviated from the Rotation. Since I can pull as an experienced Trainer, just the hat. As he catches up with the Nine-point deficit. He has played a fantastic second round. This is just great. Against Liverpool, you can retire. Only the 'How' in the return game, you can ask," says Friedhelm Funkel, coach of Fortuna Düsseldorf, Sky, the work of Niko Kovac.

Ex-Bayern player Christian Ziege also broke the lance for the Trainer. "Niko is doing a superior Job," and gives a side blow in the direction of the boardroom: "I can strengthen up to the end of the season the back. You don't need a barrel not open, this is necessary. When you say 'point at the end. Niko Kovac is a coach‘, then such situations happen, such as in the ZDF sports Studio,“ says goat.

Heribert bruchhagen: "said What Kalle? If FC Bayern, the results do not agree ...“

Heribert bruchhagen mind on something else. Karl-Heinz Rummenigge made after the final whistle in the statement: "I am not a friend of the guarantees and to praise at the end of the day, the players and the coach only. The will also be paid for with convenience, and is not at Bayern Munich, is the right way“. He wanted to question everything. In this notch fracture Hagen skin. "Kalle is the Chairman, has brought to the Trainer and will then be replaced. The way I understand it, that he wants to communicate itself," said Bruch Hagen smugly and explained his statement: "What has been said by Kalle? If FC Bayern, the results are not correct, then everything is questioned. He can only critical self-questioning.“

Also Ripe. "Rummenigge is at least sure that Kovac can build the new Bayern. A great club makes you look small,“ said the expert. In particular, the clear communication is missing. "What bothers me is the Mutterings. There are no clear announcements such as: If we are not master, then ...“, says the former Sky commentator. Peter Stöger, the Ex-Trainer from 1. FC Cologne and Borussia Dortmund, has been critical to dealing with the coach. "If you want to make it Kovac harder to be a master, then you have made it. It is Bayern-Style. Maybe it is necessary. For Niko, the work is counter-productive and uncomfortable,“ says Stöger.

breaking Hagen puts it: "I would have expected from him, that he supports Kovac"

break Hagen takes a thought and criticized team management that they would not give Kovac enough time. Especially in view of the fact that Rummenigge Hagen, according to the fractional time for the in-house development would have had. "I got to know the 13, 14, 15-year-old Rummenigge, because I've played with the brother together. He has developed, languages learned, Bayern-Boss, chief of the ECA (Anm. d. Red.: European Club Association) and get a Chance to develop. I would have expected from him, that he supports Kovac. I can't imagine that Rummenigge was in the coach search against Kovac. He was perhaps not thrilled, but he agreed with the decision.“

Patrick Owomoyela, the season of Kovac referred to Sky as a "giant power", because he had to deal with issues such as the departure of Arjen Robben and Franck Ribéry as well as James Rodriguez. Bayern had the Chance to get the Double, the Ex-BVB player. "Of what consequence would it have, if Bayern would make a clear announcement? If you're only master, then you can go. If you get the Double, then you can stay. It is a difficult topic,“ said Owomoyela about the Situation in Munich.

There's been speculation that should have taken Hasan Salihamidzic in the Spanish capital, with coach Julen Lopetegui. The Bayern sporting Director has spoken about this rumor.

Before the heart-stopping finale to the most bowl this coming weekend, it is toxic: the chief days of Bayern and Dortmund now verbal saber is announced rattling.


Date Of Update: 13 May 2019, 12:02