Beginners with the mayor's ambitions for the Bremen-election is a sensation?

up In Bremen, to be called the people at the end of may for the election of a new citizenship. The CDU top candidate is presented as a political "newbie" - wi

Beginners with the mayor's ambitions for the Bremen-election is a sensation?

up In Bremen, to be called the people at the end of may for the election of a new citizenship. The CDU top candidate is presented as a political "newbie" - will he have with this tactic success?

In Bremen are the people on the 26. May for the election of a new citizenship called, According to previous surveys, historical Bust, The rapid career of CDU top candidate Carsten Meyer-Heder


Update 14 threatens the SPD. May 2019: The Bremen CDU has to cope with in the run-up to the state election is a blow of fate. The state Chairman Jörg Kastendiek died.

the newcomers with the Bremen-choice for Furore?

Update from the 13. May: With his Vita as a newcomer, and a newcomer on the political stage, Carsten Meyer advertises-Heder offensive, some even say flirtatious: "I'm not a politician," says the 58-Year-old. For months, he works only to a destination: first, the CDU-mayor after the end of the war to the Bremen city hall, and thus head of government of the smallest German Federal state.

The political career of a successful Software entrepreneur is just a good year old. In the spring of 2018, he joined the CDU and Bremen's largest opposition party, heaved the newcomers in October with a score of 100 percent immediately as the top candidate on the list 1. Also in the manageable Bremen, a fast-paced career.

This is the Two-Meter man with a striking fully bald head and a goatee anything other than a typical CDU-man. His father was in the FDP, the liberals would probably have may well be his political home. And who CMH "well-known Carsten Meyer - Heder - short" in the 1980s, would have him located pretty far to the left. "I've been in the adolescent years for sure the one who has fulfilled the prototype of a CDU voter," he admitted in his letter of Introduction to the party in January 2018.

the fight against capitalism and Mercedes: The Meyer-Heder says today

As a high school senior, he opposed capitalism and the establishment of plans of Mercedes-Benz in Bremen. "Bremen without Mercedes - inconceivable today," says Meyer-Heder, able to smile about this youth-anecdote today. Mercedes in Bremen, one of the world's greatest works. Otherwise, separated the Hippie with shoulder-length hair and a full beard, playing the drums and for years in a 10-WG in Bremen's scene-district "district" lived, much of the world of the young Union.

That he needs to learn in politics, much, know, the father of three school-age children living in a blended family and second marriage is married. Free Talk isn't his thing. But he was - like most politicians - coach, to be a saddle fixed in statements and appearances. The CDU, he agreed a lot of courage to have a newcomer like him on the shield lifted. Knowledge gaps Meyer-Heder power in the election no secret, but almost a virtue. Frankly, he admits, to be in many fields - education, social Affairs, Internal security - still not able to.

The 58-Year-old is the founder and managing partner of the 1,000 employees count the Bremen-based IT company, team neusta. The leadership he gave to 2018 of long-standing colleagues. Also, a policy he sees as a community performance. The lack of team work in the red-green government is one of his main points of criticism. "I have therefore chosen as the top candidate and to fight together with the CDU for this political "Reset"," he writes on his website. "I want to be mayor."

More about the politician and his objectives, you can also learn in the Interview with Carsten Meyer-Heder on*.

SPD threatens in its former stronghold, a defeat of historic proportions

Update from 10. May: In Bremen, the people in well, two weeks are called for the election of a new citizenship. The first election of a state Parliament this year, could have consequences especially for the SPD drastic. In Bremen since 73 years, ruling party a setback of historic proportions, even the loss of Power in their once-unchallenged stronghold threatens, according to surveys at the seems. A few days ago submitted a survey by Infratest dimap for Radio Bremen, in Bremen, is traditionally weak, the CDU moved in with their top-candidate Carsten Meyer-Heder close to the SPD, your mayor Carsten Sieling. While the Christian Democrats reached 26 percent, the social Democrats, only 25 percent.

For the SPD, this would be a break-in by nearly eight percentage points in comparison to their already historically bad result in 2015 of 32.8 percent. The situation is "difficult," admits Sieling. He was not "satisfied". He makes the bad image of the SPD in the Federal government. At the Federal level, the party was in the polls last updated at 16 to 17 percent. The election goal is to be the strongest force, Sieling. But also, the CDU Challenger, Meyer-Heder, who wants to be with his party, the strongest force in the Bremen state Parliament, shows the survey values to be dissatisfied. "There's more to come," says the first-time in the previous year, the policy changed entrepreneurs. To the output target of "30 percent plus X" hold on to it anyway.

+ Carsten Sieling (SPD) sits with Maike Schaefer (r), Chairman of the Green party and top candidate, as well as Lencke Steiner, top candidate of the FDP, in the case of a Live-Talk-round.©dpa / Carmen Jaspersen

the choice of output Should be 26. May of the survey correspond to, would be a continuation of the since 2015, the ruling coalition of the SPD and the Greens is not possible. In Bremen has always been a strong Green came in it, although at 18 percent, representing a further increase over its result of four years of 15.1 percent. But because of the weakness of the SPD, it would be enough computationally for only three alliances under the leadership of the SPD or the CDU, as well as a large coalition of these two.

What are the chances of the SPD in Bremen has to claim their Power, also analyzes* in the run-up to the election.

Bremen's top candidates to meet in TV debate

original message from 8. May: The ARD Radio Bremen transmits the elephant, the mayor Carsten Sieling for the SPD, as well as Challenger Carsten Meyer-Heder for the CDU.

the Greens, the Left, FDP, the AfD and the citizens in rage (BIW) send their top candidates. The seven politicians have to answer questions from the moderators and from the audience. In Bremen, the citizens decide on the 26. May parallel to the European election on the composition of the citizenship. In the smallest German state, a coalition of the SPD and the Greens ruled currently.

Jörg Kastendiek, Bremen's CDU land Chairman and former Senator for Economics, has died at the age of 54 years. He was a member of the state Parliament for over 25 years.

In Bremen on 26. In may a new Parliament elected.For 73 years, the SPD ruled that the CDU believes that the but chances.


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Date Of Update: 16 May 2019, 00:02