Virginie Efira pregnant at the Cannes Film Festival: who is the father of her child?

Virginie Efira is present at the Cannes Film Festival to present "Love and Forests" by Valérie Donzelli.

Virginie Efira pregnant at the Cannes Film Festival: who is the father of her child?

Virginie Efira is present at the Cannes Film Festival to present "Love and Forests" by Valérie Donzelli. The 46-year-old Caesarized actress flaunts her pregnancy belly before climbing the stairs.

[Updated May 24, 2023 at 2:06 p.m.] The appearances of Virginie Efira always arouse fascination and admiration. The Belgian-French actress, already crowned with the César for best actress in 2023, is present at the Cannes Film Festival to present the film Love and the Forests, directed by Valérie Donzelli, in the Cannes Première category. And the flashes of the photographers do not fail to turn to the pregnant actress, who displays her round belly on the Croisette.

Virginie Efira thus formalizes her pregnancy at the Cannes Film Festival. The 46-year-old actress is indeed expecting a child with her companion, actor Niels Schneider, whom she met in 2018 on the set of the film An Impossible Love. Their first child together is expected at the end of summer 2023. Previously, the actress who was Caesarized a few months ago had given birth to a little girl in 2013, born of her relationship with director Mabrouk El Mechri.

It is not uncommon for a meeting on a set to give birth to an idyll in life. This is what awaited Niels Schneider and Virginie Efira when they agreed to play in the film Un amour impossible directed by Catherine Corsini and released in 2018. In this drama set in the 1950s, Efira plays an office worker who lives an affair with a man from a bourgeois family (Schneider). He refuses to marry outside his social class despite the birth of a little girl. A decade-long fight ensues for the child to at least get his father's name. It was on the set of this feature film that the two actors got to know each other and forged their relationship.

In the columns of Madame Figaro at the end of March 2020, Virginie Efira evoked the solid couple that she forms with Niels Schneider, ten years her junior. "In our profession, everything is moving, everything is moving all the time. So, it seems important to me, even if it is not the main reason for which we get together, to have a certain stability. When we are in love, we are stronger." Virginie Efira and Niels Schneider also have the advantage of doing the same job, another cement of their relationship: "Living with another actor is even incredibly strong. The periods when we don't see each other are very short. Two months away for a shoot, at home, that doesn't exist. We see each other all the time, in fact. We share our cinema experiences".

In 2022, ahead of the opening ceremony of the Cannes Film Festival which she presents, Virginie Efira spoke again of her relationship with Niels Schneider and in particular the way he looks at her. "The way he looks at me and at women pleases me terribly! What touches him will never be stereotyped, always particular. Not all men are looking for a woman who could reassure their virility, fortunately! To be looked at by him is probably what makes me feel good." Everything is therefore going very well between Niels Schneider and Virginie Efira, who are expecting their first child together in 2023!

Virginie Efira was born in Brussels on May 5, 1977. A graduate of the National Institute of Performing Arts in 1997, she is a TV host and actress. Her career started on Belgian television, and it was not until 2006 that she stood out to the French public, presenting the "Nouvelle Star", until 2008.

She poses her voice for many animated films, including Garfield the Film or Hotel Transylvania. In 2007, she shot 2 seasons of the series "Off Prime" where she played her own character. On the theater side, she goes on stage several times, in 2005 in "For her beautiful eyes" or in 2009 in "Nathalie".

Virginie Efira shot two TV movies between 2010 and 2011, including "A la maison pour Noël". It was on the big screen that she met with success, in 2009 in "Les Barons" alongside Edouard Baer. 2010 allows her to settle on the screens with "The Whistler", but also "Love is better for two", a romantic comedy where she plays Angèle. The same year, she is a female cop in "Kill Me Please".

After "The Chance of my life" and "My worst nightmare" in 2011, she interpreted herself again in "Hénaut President" in 2012. 2013 was the year of all successes. She is in the cast of five feature films: "Cookie", "Dead Man Talking", "20 years apart", "Les Invincibles", and finally "Alone" where she plays Marie Drevil, alongside François Cluzet and by Guillaume Canet.

In 2015, she played a mother in the comedy "A family for rent". She is part of the jury of the 26th Dinard British Film Festival, chaired by Jean Rochefort. We then find her in front of the camera of Paul Verhoeven who directs her in Elle in the same way as Isabelle Huppert. The director then offered him the title role in the film Benedetta. In 2018, she played in one of the comedies of the year: Le Grand Bain. The same year, she met her companion Niels Schneider during the filming of Un amour impossible by Catherine Corsini.

In 2019, Virginie Efira played the title role in Justine Triet's film Sibyl. She continues the following year with a role in Police by Anne Fontaine but also in Adieu les cons by Albert Dupontel where she plays the role of Suze Trappet opposite the director-actor. The year 2021 sees his reunion with director Paul Verhoeven. After Elle (2016), she played the role of sister Benedetta Carlini in the film Benedetta presented in the official selection of the Cannes Film Festival 2021. In 2022, she played in Waiting for Bojangles by Régis Roinsard and Don Juan by Serge Bozon. The same year, the Cannes Film Festival called on her as mistress of ceremonies. She won the César for best actress in 2023 for the film Revoir Paris.