Shadow and Bone: What to Remember Before Watching Season 2


Shadow and Bone: What to Remember Before Watching Season 2

SHADOW AND BONE NETFLIX. Season 2 of "Shadow and Bone: The Grisha Saga" is available on Netflix. We summarize everything you need to have in mind before seeing the new episodes.

[Updated March 16, 2023 at 10:17 a.m.] Shadow and Bone: The Grisha Saga has made its big comeback on Netflix. Season 2 went live on the streaming platform this Thursday, March 16, 2023, and fans can finally binge-watch the new episodes. In the latter, Alina, on the run, remains determined to destroy the "Shadow Fold" (the evil fog that divides Ravka). But General Kirigan has a new army of shadow monsters to oppose her.

But do you remember many events that happened in the first season of Shadow and Bone? We summarize what you need to know before launching season 2: Cartographer requisitioned for the war effort, Alina discovers a rare and sought-after power, that of Summoner of Light. Only she can end the "Shadow Fold", an evil fog that is dividing Ravka, and end the war that is ravaging the kingdom.

But Alina has several enemies that she must fight in Shadow and Bone. First, the Crows gang, made up of Kaz, Inej and Jesper, who are looking to bring Alina back to earn money. Alina is saved by General Kirigan, also known as the Darkling. But we learn that it was the latter who created the Fold several millennia ago to create his own army. He also prevents Alina from communicating with her best friend, Mal. At the end of season 1, the Darkling uses Alina's powers to enter the Shadow Fold, create an army of shadow monsters (the volcras) and expand it to the west of Ravka, on the city ​​of Novokribirsk. Alina nevertheless manages to flee with Mal, while Kirigan is determined to get revenge.

Fans of Shadow and Bone: The Grisha Saga had to be patient to find out about season 2. New episodes of the fantasy series are going live on Netflix on Thursday, March 16, 2023, almost two years after the first season. . As a reminder, the latter had been available on the streaming platform on April 23, 2021.

Synopsis - It's been thousands of years since the kingdom of Ravka was bisected by the "Shadow Fold", an evil fog. The youth is enlisted to participate in the war effort. Alina, an orphaned young woman, may hold the key to destroying the Shadow Fold and ending the war.

Shadow and Bone: The Grisha Saga is a fantasy series broadcast only in streaming in France. The first season was released on April 23, 2021. Season 2 went live on March 16, 2023. To watch it legally, all you need is a subscription to the Netflix platform, which is the only broadcaster of the episodes.