Netflix subscribers can finally discover the new season of this ultra-popular series. But not all episodes are yet available on the streaming platform.

There are few series capable of creating an event to the point that their two seasons are both in the top 10 of Netflix’s most popular programs since its launch. However, this is the case of this highly anticipated English-language series, which returns for a third round of episodes after a long wait from fans.

Launched in 2020, The Bridgerton Chronicles, adaptation of Julia Quinn’s novels, is one of Netflix’s most watched series. Produced by Shonda Rhimes (Grey’s Anatomy), it focuses on the heart stories of the Bridgertons, a high society London family, during the English Regency. Each season focuses on one of the siblings and their romantic relationships. And the success on screen (and in bookstores) has not been denied: the first season is positioned in fourth place among the most popular series on Netflix since its creation, with 113.3 million views. The second is barely worse: with 93.8 million views, it is the 9th biggest success on the platform since its launch. Nothing less !

After Daphne and the Duke in season 1 and Anthony and Kate in season 2, it’s Colin Bridgerton’s turn to find his soul mate. And after two seasons, it is finally into the arms of Penelope Featherington that the third son will fall. And yet, it doesn’t seem to be going well: Penelope heard him making fun of her at the end of season 2. Worse, Colin’s sister unmasked her and now knows that she is Lady Whistledown, the gossip from London whose scandalous chronicle is particularly followed and has disgraced the Bridgerton family in the past.

As you will have understood, this third season of The Bridgerton Chronicles will bring its share of drama and tears, but also erotic scenes which have sparked a lot of conversation in the past on social networks. Actor Luke Newton (Colin Bridgerton) has also confirmed that these next episodes will be particularly “torrid”.

However, fans will have to be patient since the entire season 3 is not immediately available online on Netflix. In fact, the streaming platform has chosen to divide the season into two parts: the first has been available since May 16, the second will be available a month later, on June 13, 2024. News which should disappoint subscribers, but which will allow them to yearn for what comes next, just like the characters!