Health of Alain Delon: his discernment abolished? What a medical expertise reveals

While the actor's state of health is at the heart of a legal battle between his children, the conclusions of a medical expertise make worrying revelations.

Health of Alain Delon: his discernment abolished? What a medical expertise reveals

While the actor's state of health is at the heart of a legal battle between his children, the conclusions of a medical expertise make worrying revelations.

Alain Delon's state of health is at the heart of a thorny legal and media battle between those close to the 88-year-old actor, and in particular his children: Alain-Fabien and Anthony Delon on one side, Anouchka Delon on the other. Everyone makes their alarming comment on the actor's health. Medical assessments were also requested in January 2024 by the Montargis public prosecutor's office to assess his state of health after requests for judicial protection made by his son Anthony Delon and the actor's lawyers.

Before that, a legal expertise carried out as part of the Hiromi Rollin affair (since closed), in October 2023, already lifted the veil on the state of health of Alain Delon. Its content, established after analysis of the actor's medical file, was revealed this Tuesday, January 24, 2024 by Le Parisien: this document describes the deterioration of the actor's cognitive abilities since 2019, concluding in an abolition of the Cheetah's discernment.

In detail, this medical expertise describes Alain Delon as “carrying significant comorbidities, active chronic pathologies and disabling acute disorders” and “vulnerable both physically and psychologically”. The actor, one of the last giants of French cinema, would suffer from "cognitive disorders of a vascular nature worsening with successive strokes and complemented by cognitive disorders of a degenerative nature".

The doctor who wrote this expert report notes an ultimate deterioration in Alain Delon's health that began in July 2023, in the midst of the Hiromi Rollin affair. A lymphoma, which he would have been diagnosed with a few years earlier, spreads and impairs his cognitive and motor skills. Since August, he has been in "almost constant bed rest" and needs help with all the tasks of daily life.

Since then, a new expertise was requested by the Montargis public prosecutor's office and took place on January 13, 2024. In a press release sent by Me Christophe Ayela, one of Alain Delon's lawyers, this Monday, January 15, we learns that a new expertise carried out on Saturday at the actor's request confirmed that "his discernment is in no way abolished, contrary to the slanderous accusations of which he has been the subject in the media since January 4, 2024." The lawyer has since been dismissed.

This first medical expertise of Alain Delon has already been contested by the lawyer of Anthony Delon and the actor, before the conclusions were revealed. Saturday January 13, the regularity of the medical procedure performed was called into question in a letter sent to the Montargis prosecutor, consulted by BFM TV. Lawyer Laurence Bedossa accused in a letter that the medical expertise had taken place in the presence of Anouchka Delon who would have “answered in place of the questions asked to Mr. Alain Delon.”

For his part, Alain Delon's lawyer, Me Christophe Ayela, revealed that he had sent a report to the courts for "endangering" the actor. He assures that Alain Delon has stopped his treatments since the end of August at the request of Anthony and Alain-Fabien Delon, the actor's sons. He assures that they would put him at risk of “premature death” by stopping his care and medical monitoring.

Alain Delon's lawyer wishes, in fact, the appointment of a legal representative in order to protect the actor from the decision of his sons, a decision that they would have taken, according to Anouchka Delon, against his opinion but also that of their father. Their sister, Anouchka, says she wants to take their father to Switzerland so that he can undergo medical treatment. His brothers, on the contrary, accuse him of wanting to do it for tax reasons, assuring that their father wants to die in his residence in Douchy.

Whether it's his children or his former partner (or lady-in-waiting according to his family) Hiromi Rollin, everyone makes their alarming comment on the health of Alain Delon. It all started on January 4 with the publication, in Paris-Match, of an interview with Anthony Delon who assured his sister of not having informed him of their father's "cognitive deterioration".

For Hiromi Rollin, who spoke to RTL, the 88-year-old actor is “in mortal danger” if he stops his treatments. She assures that the actor was in good health before she left Douchy last July: "It's been four months without treatment, six months without medical check-up. Alain's life is in danger. I have not not afraid to say that he is in mortal danger.”

Alain Delon's youngest child, Alain-Fabien, already spoke of "a lamentable state" of the actor during an interview with BFMTV this Wednesday, January 10, before adding in a comment published on Instagram revealing a recording of his sister that their father is "very weak", "very anxious", he "no longer has his voice and speaks with great difficulty", he "is not always coherent", he "does not know when it is in the morning or in the evening.

Alain Delon's state of health crystallizes the quarrels between his children. On January 4, the eldest, Anthony Delon, revealed to Paris-Match that he had filed a complaint against his sister Anouchka. In return, she filed a complaint against her brother for defamation, slanderous denunciation, threats and harassment. Alain-Fabien Delon filed a complaint against his sister for “abuse of weakness to the detriment of their father”.