Wine Fair: 2020 dates, first info and tips

WINE FAIRS 2020 - It's back to school and wine fairs are back.

Wine Fair: 2020 dates, first info and tips

WINE FAIRS 2020 - It's back to school and wine fairs are back. Where to find the bargains and on what dates near you? Find the complete calendar of wine fairs 2020 as well as all the practical information.

[Updated Aug 25, 2020 10:31 AM] The Fall Wine Fair is getting closer. After the cancellation of the spring edition, the wine fairs will be held well at the start of the 2020 school year and the major brands are starting to communicate on the planned dates. The wine fair generally takes place around the back-to-school period, but the dates differ depending on the stores, especially in the supermarkets, which are now quick to replace school bags and essentials for the back-to-school season with a selection of good vintages.

You still have to know how to find and choose the rare pearl... Are you having trouble finding your way among the many offers at wine fairs? Unable to make the best choice to indulge yourself with good wines at reasonable prices? Here you will find many tips to complete your cellar. also provides you with practical tips to make the most of your purchases and give your wine every chance to seduce your guests! Find all of our records below.

What trend is to follow this year? Some will opt for a discovery of vegan wines, a booming sector which confirms that the wine fair has been able to adapt in recent years. In addition to the traditional promotions on well-known vintages and grape varieties, sparkling wines have been added for several years to surf on the Prosecco trend, the consumption of which in cocktails (via the famous Spritz) has exploded, but also foreign wines (Argentina in particular). In short, there is something for everyone, even those looking for organic wines, a real market trend. If you're just starting out, wine fairs are a good time to fill your cellar, whether it's with renowned vintages or good wines that will keep you happy in a few years, wine fairs are a great opportunity. It is thus possible to invest in young wines which will increase in value, provided they are kept in suitable conditions. helps you make your choice and compose your selection to delight your future guests... and yourself of course!

After the cancellation of the spring fairs, these autumn wine fairs promise to be eagerly awaited in 2020. The brands have gradually communicated on the dates of the operation in their store networks. You can find them below.

The wine fair can also be organized by your wine merchant, whether independent or member of a network of franchisees. The dates of the 2020 autumn fairs will be specified very soon.

Finally, more and more shops on the web are also organizing the wine fair on their merchant sites. The dates for the 2020 autumn fairs will be announced shortly. Still a little patience !