This Frenchman is the richest man in Switzerland, no one knows him while everyone buys his products

He lives discreetly in Geneva.

This Frenchman is the richest man in Switzerland, no one knows him while everyone buys his products

He lives discreetly in Geneva. He is French. But above all he is the richest man in Switzerland. His products are sold all over the world but no one knows his name. Who is he ?

Switzerland, a country renowned for its luxury and discretion, is home to a special Frenchman. He is the richest of the Swiss super-rich. His name, Gérard Wertheimer, will probably mean nothing to you. Although he is the richest Frenchman in Switzerland, he remains little known to the general public. However, its products are anchored in the daily lives of millions of people around the world.

Wertheimer, whose fortune is estimated between 41 and 42 billion Swiss francs, surpasses in the latest list of the 300 richest in Switzerland published by the magazine "Bilan" the heirs of the Ikea empire, the Kamprad brothers, who recently sold control of the Ingka foundation. This is the first time that he is the richest in Switzerland. But who is he?

Gérard Wertheimer is the co-owner of the famous Chanel brand. He resides in Geneva and quietly dominates the world of fashion and business. This billionaire represents a fascinating paradox: Chanel, a brand synonymous with luxury and elegance, is famous for its perfumes, clothing, accessories and beauty products. This omnipresence of Chanel in different luxury segments explains why almost everyone has, at one time or another, purchased or received a Chanel product. Whether it is a perfume, a piece of clothing, an accessory or a beauty product, Chanel has reached a wide audience, while remaining a symbol of luxury and refinement.

Gérard Wertheimer's discretion contrasts sharply with Chanel's worldwide notoriety. From Geneva, he successfully runs the Chanel empire, inherited from his family, while remaining far from the spotlight. His fortune, estimated between 41 and 42 billion Swiss francs. The latest ranking of the 300 richest in Switzerland from the magazine “Bilan”, shows a decrease of 3.2% in their total fortune, amounting to 795 billion francs. However, this does not mean sudden poverty for these individuals, as the average wealth stands at 2.65 billion Swiss francs. Since 1989, when this list was first published, the average wealth has almost quadrupled, from $660 million to the current amount.

Among these 300 personalities, 150 are billionaires. An analysis of the top ten reveals a concentration of wealth: together they accumulate 210 billion francs, or a quarter of the total fortune of Switzerland's super-rich. The richest list is predominantly male, although there is an increase in the number of female entrepreneurs. Charlene de Carvalho-Heineken, heiress to Heineken beer, is the richest woman in Switzerland with a fortune of 12 to 13 billion francs, but is not in the top 10.