Only one 8881 is hidden in this image, beat the record and find it in less than 12 seconds

Only one number "8881" is hidden among all the other "8831".

Only one 8881 is hidden in this image, beat the record and find it in less than 12 seconds

Only one number "8881" is hidden among all the other "8831". Can you find it in just 12 seconds?

Do you think you have good eyes, excellent observation and concentration skills? It's time to prove it! This little game combines reflection, observation and optical illusion. It's a real exercise in concentration behind a seemingly simple instruction: find the only little "8881" hidden among all the "8831"s present in the image. You see a lot of them, but only one is actually different from the others!

This may seem simple at first glance but you forget one last rule: you actually only have 12 seconds, not one more, to find this famous "intruder" number on the image. Are you ready ? Start your phone's stopwatch to measure your time and do it quickly: 12 seconds can go by very quickly. Be careful, here is the image to focus on:

Are you drying out? It must be said that the with a gradient of neon colors and the bold characters clearly influence our vision. It can tend to blur numbers in the foreground, disrupting our vision and focus on details by giving an effect of blur and redundancy.

Need a little hint? Focus on one part of the image and sift through it before moving on to another part. Always not ? So look at the bottom of the image instead. Don't panic otherwise, we give you the solution at the bottom of this article.

These little visual tests under the guise of little games and a moment of relaxation are in fact very interesting for our brain and our cognitive abilities. In the same way as crosswords for memory or reflection, they stimulate attention, the ability to observe but also a certain memory... not to mention that they allow you to maintain your visual acuity of course. Training with these fun little games has lots of benefits for our brain. No wonder we also find this type of small challenge during IQ tests. We finally move on to the solution. Here is the image again. This time, the “intruder” number to find is circled in red to make it easier for you to find it. Here is the solution:

Yes, it was there, yet clearly visible! It was still necessary to work with a simple technique: concentrate on one part of the image and then methodically move to another. This is how we can counter the effect of repetition of the number 8831 which tends to confuse our brain and limit our abilities for selective observation.

Did you find it? And in just 12 seconds? Well done, you are one of the best players. You can now share your score and comments or challenge your friends on our Facebook page by clicking directly on the small button below.