In Monopoly, do you win double by landing on square one? Few people know the rule

Some Monopoly rules can lead to long arguments.

In Monopoly, do you win double by landing on square one? Few people know the rule

Some Monopoly rules can lead to long arguments. The transition to square one is one of the oldest debates in the game!

Monopoly, which has become one of the most iconic board games, has a long history in France and around the world. In France, it appeared for the first time in the 1930s, after several years of development in the United States. Since then, it has captured the hearts of French gamers of all generations, becoming one of the most famous and popular board games in the country. The secret ? A simple but strategic mechanic, based on the purchase and management of properties, making it a must for fun evenings with family or friends.

On a global scale, Monopoly is much more than just a board game, it has become a cultural phenomenon. It has been translated into around fifty languages ​​and adapted into multiple thematic editions, featuring cities, countries, films, television series, or even famous brands. Each edition brings a revival to the original version, often incorporating elements specific to local culture, which contributes to its continued success and popularity across the world and times.

Apart from pure entertainment, Monopoly has also sparked debate and economic analysis. Some see in it a simplified representation of capitalism, with its mechanisms of speculation, accumulation of wealth and bankruptcy. Others use it as an educational tool to teach financial concepts and investing strategies. Whatever the approach, Monopoly remains a timeless game that continues to bring fun, competition and thought to millions of players around the world.

But one of the most divisive subjects regarding Monopoly remains, in fact, that of its rules. Who has never struggled with this or that game principle, which may vary between friends or families? Among the Monopoly rules that can give rise to discord and different versions: the one that would like you to receive double the money if you land right on square one.

In the basic rules, when you cross this famous square, located in a corner of the board, you receive 200 euros - or 20,000 francs depending on the age of your Monopoly. According to this rule, we should therefore receive double, i.e. 400 euros - or 40,000 francs. But that's not the case, the rules are clear: when you pass or land right on square one, receive 200 euros. So it's official, at least... in the original rules.

Because since the creation of Monopoly, on social networks, the Hasbro brand, which markets the game, has tried to respond to fans’ complaints. Thus, in 2015, the rules were modified, after consultation on the game's Facebook page. According to them, landing right on square one means getting double, or 400 euros. Old or new rules, the main thing is to agree before any game, otherwise there will be big arguments.