Choose the doodle you like the most and discover your state of mind

Scribbles may seem simple, but they hide an amazing psychological complexity.

Choose the doodle you like the most and discover your state of mind

Scribbles may seem simple, but they hide an amazing psychological complexity. Tell us what doodle you are, we'll tell you what state of mind you're in...

In the following image, you can see up to 8 options and you just have to choose the one that captures your attention the most or maybe you like for some reason only you know. It's very simple, one decision is enough. So think carefully about which option you choose, and then read carefully what your decision means. Like all personality tests, this one has no scientific validity, but it can amuse you to find out what it has to tell you.

If you constantly draw such scribbles, it means that you have two equal goals or needs. Maybe you are attracted to two different professions, one of which has fulfilled you, but the second remains attractive or is your hobby. Or you are currently at a crossroads, as you have two options for a life change, but each has roughly the same amount of pros and cons. The bottom line is that both of these directions (regardless of their nature) are equally important to you. What to do ? Try to find an opportunity to implement both, or find a reasonable compromise. The constant internal struggle is exhausting. Give yourself time to "mature" the solution by setting a specific date when you will come back to this subject.

Currently, you are working for the future. Your actions aim to develop a project or social contacts. However, you are preoccupied with some kind of unfinished relationship or events that don't make sense. You want to settle or finish something to devote yourself entirely to the business and objectives of the moment. Therefore, it is necessary to draw conclusions and understand what experience to take in the future. Answer these questions: "Why did this happen in my life? What did it teach me? "What can I do differently in the future?"

You are solving difficult problems. You perceive what happened with tension and responsibility, which affects your physical and emotional state. However, any ordeal is an opportunity to grow stronger, to obtain new resources, to set new goals. This means going back on the road: understanding what you need to take personally, what opportunities you have, who and what you can trust. Yes, now you see a grid in front of you. But imagine it's a window, and behind it is the whole world. And it is in your power to remove the bars from the window. You have the strength and the means for this.

You are a creative person with great potential and a unique view of the world. You have a lot of ideas and the desire to implement them, but you are still unable to prioritize and choose the most important and essential ones. For a creator, this state is quite typical. To start, try to include logic and find out in which area you have the most opportunities and resources. Start there. Muses, of course, are capricious ladies, but they also like to be given a lot of attention.

Right now you're disappointed about something, maybe angry, and everything and everyone seems to be against you. This feeling of vital tension is associated with certain unpleasant current events or the collapse of hopes. But, if we experience these feelings, it may be because we are faced with reality. Talk to someone you trust completely. If that's not possible, write down what happened as a letter to a friend or a story.

You may be searching for your identity. You now feel that the old world is changing and you are trying to hold on to it. You also make efforts to create a new life, you make plans and you worry that the past cannot correlate with the future. You support and cement the past and the future, but it is only a temporary solution to the problem. In reality, you have a lot of building materials, and they are quite strong and of high quality. You just have to figure out what sort of stable structure you can build with them.

Chances are you are looking to find harmony and balance in your life. Every person aspires to reach a state of harmony, but this process is complex and endless. You want everything to be perfect, but it doesn't work that way. Don't be too hard on yourself and others. Accept life as it is: with gifts and losses, encounters and farewells, joys and sorrows. And above all, accept yourself, with all your advantages and disadvantages.

You live in a tunnel of oscillations that you created yourself. It means you're probably trapped in a cycle of repetitive thoughts or unresolved issues. Maybe you feel like you're stuck in a situation or state of mind. It can also indicate some rigidity in your thinking or behavior. It's important to remember that every tunnel has an end, and to get out of it, you may need to take on a new perspective, change your routine, or learn new skills. A tip would be to seek outside support or a new approach to help you see things from a different perspective. Remember that you have the ability to change and grow.