Boost your style: master the strong pieces and the basics

Tired of your flat and monotonous wardrobe? Too simple outfits that do not reflect your personality? Today we are going to see how to boost your style and master strong and basic pieces.

Boost your style: master the strong pieces and the basics

Tired of your flat and monotonous wardrobe? Too simple outfits that do not reflect your personality? Today we are going to see how to boost your style and master strong and basic pieces.

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Strong pieces? I don't want to look like a clown!

They both wear way too many statement pieces to be taken seriously. Source:

Although we usually advise against black (it tends to age and dull the complexion), the whole is balanced with a contrast on the shapes that give relief to the outfit. Note: the orange cap brings relaxation to the outfit and emphasizes her face. Source:

It's fine to buy original clothes, but if it's so that they end up in your closets, new, intact and never worn, where's the point? Before taking out your credit card, it is best to try on the item of clothing yourself. Thus, you will be able to project and imagine the possible combinations between the latter and your wardrobe. In addition, you will be able to limit size errors because some clothes are cut very differently depending on body type (especially pants and shirts). As you will have understood, always try to be able to try on a garment before buying it (you can make an exchange if you go through an e-shop, the offer is generally very complete).

The hat is a strong piece that can also give a very nice and coherent result when worn with good basics. Source:

So yes, we have seen that you shouldn't have too many strong pieces and that you have to be sure of your purchase - after a minimum of thinking time, right. This does not mean that you do not have the right to splurge, without overdoing it either! If you feel a big crush on a piece. Indeed, unlike a basic piece where we prefer a more rational approach, strong pieces remain much more emotional and personal purchases because they allow you to give personality to your outfit, a bit like your grandmother's spices!

The budget for your clothes really depends on your needs. No need to spend astronomical sums on the basics, unless you're willing to spend more on little "features" like wooden buttons or scalpel-cut finishes. The entry level (Uniqlo, Monoprix, Zara, American Apparel, Maison Standards etc.) will suffice for everyday life, while you can turn to the mid-range if you are looking for more qualitative clothes that will last longer, like this This is the case with A.P.C., Balibaris, Acne, la Comédie Humaine and even Melinda Gloss. For the strong pieces, you will generally have to invest a lot more than the basics, because the materials and the designs are generally much more elaborate. You can start to find quality parts from the mid-range (see the brands mentioned above), although the top of the top is generally found at the top end.

70,000 euros for a crocodile t-shirt… If you're ready to bequeath an arm and your car, why not. At that price, think twice. Or even three or four times. Source:nydailynews

The investment is lighter (about 200 euros). It's an expense you can afford if you really fell for this Kenzo sweater, which despite its originality, is easy to match. In the same genre, you have BWGH or Frog's Leg. Source:

Have an idea that crosses your mind? Implement it! For example, you want to wear a camo patterned jacket with suit pants, do it! It seems strange as a combination at first glance, but it is much less so once applied because we will find a very nice balance between the relaxation of the camo and the formal look of pleated trousers.

The contrast between elegance and casualness is produced by the combination of the jacket (the strong piece of this outfit) which adds relief to the sobriety of the trousers and the derbies. Source:

A garment is only a strong piece if you decide so. If you want to highlight part of what you wear, it is by creating this contrast that it will stand out and become the "strong piece" of your outfit. Whether basic or not.

Here, the piece that stands out from this outfit is clearly the blue hat. But look at this white leather perfecto. Out of context, we would immediately qualify it as a very strong piece and very difficult to tune. But here it blends perfectly into the outfit, like a basic. Source:

- Having strong pieces to diversify and bring relief to your wardrobe is an excellent idea, provided you balance them well with the rest of the outfit.

- Take the time to select your clothes carefully and imagine possible combinations beforehand.

- You can be spontaneous and succumb to a strong piece that speaks with your personality!

- Dare, try, take the plunge! Just like great chefs, many tests are carried out before THE perfect recipe is finalized.

- Finally, have fun playing with your basics and strong pieces. It is in this way that you will be able to expand the scope of your wardrobe, with various and varied combinations. Men's accessories are lifesaving!

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