Clumsy, gross motor, part sexist - men start Petition against Edeka advertising for mother's day

, The supermarket chain, Edeka, surprised again and again with provocative commercials. For mother's day the company presents fathers as a failure, is the accu

Clumsy, gross motor, part sexist - men start Petition against Edeka advertising for mother's day

, The supermarket chain, Edeka, surprised again and again with provocative commercials. For mother's day the company presents fathers as a failure, is the accusation. Customers are now calling for a Boycott.

Update from 10. May: "I urge the current Edeka spot on the occasion of mother's advertising to clear day, or to Supplement it by positive examples," says the Petition, submitted by a former Edeka-the customer is online. Within a few days, his concern has found more than 500 supporters.

The Spot ", as well as convey the image that all fathers are clumsy, gross motor, part, sexist and violent. It is an absolute defamation and Denunciation, and a discrimination of men in their role as fathers is to be held“, - stated in the Declaration for the Petition. The Initiator of wool to obtain with the Petition, an apology from Edeka and a right position, he writes. In order to find more supporters, he has also established a Facebook group under the name of "More rights for fathers". So far, the group has only 36 members (as of 10. May 2019, 19.15).

Edeka-advertising: Bavaria Minister for family Affairs, criticized the Spot

Update from the 8. May: Bavaria's family Minister, Kerstin Schreyer (CSU) has an Online commercial for the retail chain Edeka, for mother's day, criticised for an allegedly fathers-hostile tendency. "The idea to make a commercial for mother's day a Anti-fathers-Spot, you have to come first," said Schreyer, who is also women's representative of the state government, on Wednesday in Munich. It's nonsense, mothers and fathers had to play off against each other, like the one in the ad be done. To be "parents, there is no competition for the Affection of the children. Fathers are not inferior parents,“ stressed the Minister.

The Spot is, however, fathers as incompetent for the education and care of children. He urge women and men in outdated roles. "Here, every cliché is supported. Equality politically, we were more already!“

message from 7. May: Edeka advertising for mother's day makes for indignation

the Spot of The supermarket chain Edeka is kept in black-and-white. The spoken thanks to the Declaration, of a child, with emotional music. The pictures show a completely opposite image: fathers who come in trying to your daughters hair, this so-verwursteln that you have to resort to scissors, fathers, do not bring your daughter to the bathroom in time, or to make the attempt at Breakfast, the whole kitchen upside down. The Spot ends with the words: "Thank you mom you're the dad."

Edeka-the customer is indignant: "it Must be ...?"

Many users respond to Youtube and Facebook honestly applied. Mothers do not want to accept the "Thank you". A father even calls for a Boycott of the Grocery store. "If Edeka, mothers can only praise by a devaluation of fathers, then, Edeka has not understood that both parents give children important skills for life. The bottom drawer of the advertising and is a no-go,“ writes a user on Facebook.

A user: "Must be in the year 2019, with such a advertising, which devalues one gender in such a way,? In particular, a sense of Humor: NO!!!“ Provocative advertising is used by Edeka, but this time it was just not funny, so the Tenor of most commentators.

Edeka advertising for mother's day: "Aldi, Thank you Edeka!"

Where the critical comments are probably the least of the problems for Edeka, the moved at the previous promotions, even beyond the boundaries of the Legal. "Thank you for the many years of shopping enjoyment. Now, other super not time markets, where the fathers of the parts are second-class parents, good-bye, then,“ says a user, that he no longer wanted to in the future, shopping at Edeka. "Luckily, I'm going anyway and quite rare to Edeka. In the future, then not at all,“ writes another on Youtube. "If fathers are not desired, I need you nothing more," writes another on the platform, and again, another writes: "Aldi, Thank you Edeka!"

The supermarket chain has since responded, and on some of the Posts answered. "The Spot we want to show fathers by no means bad, but a bit exaggerated in a humorous way all mothers on the occasion of mother's day say "Thank you". Sorry, if you like the Film,“ wrote Edeka on Facebook. However, the reactions are great angry part, as well as under the Video. This time, Edeka seems to have no sense of Humor of many buyers made.

Edeka advertising for mother's day: Provocative Spot

Some, however, excited about the new Spot - and, at the same time about the indignant complaint-Posts funny. "True men do not understand the irony. Just for laughs, relaxes the hardened facial muscles,“ writes a user on Facebook. "Please cry quietly," writes a Facebook-Edeka-Fan in response to one of the complaints against the advertising spot.

at Least in terms of coverage in the network, the provocative Edeka-Spot Should be met. On Facebook, he had until Tuesday, 7. May to 15.51 at 3220 comments and was shared 2941 Times. On Youtube the Video is clicked at this time already more than half a Million times (547.517 calls).

Aldi: delivery is free to the curb for the 400-Kilo-Run

Less indignation than a little mockery of this curious product of the food-Discounter Aldi, for free delivery to the curb offering the chain for the new 400-kilogram product. Just as it comes into the house?

Recently, the drugstore chain dm is causing a stir in the network. Under the Motto of #spring is in the dm advertises for a "toy" for adults. How would you explain this to the children, the Tenor of concerned parents.


Date Of Update: 12 May 2019, 00:04