UK Travel: End of PCR Test on Arrival and Lifting of Restrictions

Fully vaccinated travelers arriving in the UK no longer need to be tested for Covid-19.

UK Travel: End of PCR Test on Arrival and Lifting of Restrictions

Fully vaccinated travelers arriving in the UK no longer need to be tested for Covid-19. The latest info.

[Updated 14 Feb 2022 10:56 AM] Good news if you want to travel to London, Scotland or anywhere else in the UK in the coming weeks, UK authorities have ended mandatory Covid testing for foreign travelers vaccinated on February 11th. Travelers who are not fully vaccinated no longer need to self-isolate but will still need to have tested negative two days before entry and do a PCR test after arrival. However, tourists must still complete a passenger locator form online 48 hours before departure.

Since the end of January, wearing a mask is no longer legally compulsory, teleworking is no longer officially recommended and the health pass is no longer imposed for access to nightclubs and certain large gatherings.

Before even talking about the restrictions linked to the pandemic, it should be noted that the principle of freedom of movement between France and the United Kingdom no longer exists since December 31, 2020, the date of the United Kingdom's definitive exit from the 'European Union. However, tourist stays of less than 6 months remain exempt from visas.

Considered by France as an "orange" country, that is to say where the virus is actively circulating, but in controlled proportions and without the spread of worrying variants, the United Kingdom is therefore not one of the "red" countries. where it is strongly advised not to go now. On the other hand, France still advises unvaccinated people not to go to an "orange" country. Following the appearance of the Omicron variant, mandatory PCR testing and isolation until results are now mandatory to enter the UK.

No curfew has been put in place in the UK since the start of the pandemic, even during periods of strict confinement. Some restrictive measures specific to the night are however in force, such as the closing of discotheques.

It is possible to travel within each of the four countries of the United Kingdom, even if the authorities ask to limit travel as much as possible. These trips from one country to another are not counted as an international trip by the UK authorities. Note that wearing a mask is compulsory on all public transport, but also at airports.

The mask must also be worn in all shops and supermarkets in England. Bars, restaurants, museums and cinemas are open. Outside, gatherings of more than 30 people remain prohibited, while it is possible to meet a maximum of 6 at someone's home (or more if it is only people coming from 2 households).

The authorities carry out frequent checks to ensure both compliance with these measures and quarantine. In the event of violations, dissuasive fines are provided for. Please note that all the measures indicated in this article may be subject to change and may also change somewhat according to the different countries forming the United Kingdom. Scotland, for example, has implemented some specific measures, including the closing at 10:30 p.m. of pubs, cafes and restaurants in the regions most affected by the epidemic (in particular Glasgow and Edinburgh), known as level 2 regions.

Air France, British Airways, Air Corsica, easyJet, Ryanair, Jet2 flights, Vueling Airlines, Flybe, Skytaxi. Despite the restrictive conditions surrounding travel between France and the United Kingdom, 9 airlines currently operate direct flights from France to the various London airports (the main Heathrow, but also Gatwick or Stansted).

It is important to check before departure if an airline asks its passengers to fulfill additional conditions to those of the authorities. Air France indicates, for example, at the time of reservations that it will refuse boarding to anyone not wearing a surgical mask. For its part, British Airways allows you to book your Covid tests before or after booking your flights.